Monday, October 31, 2011

Wild and Crazy Kathy

Most of you are too young to remember Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd, the Czech brothers, congratulating each other for being two wild and crazy guys. Not me - I remember, maybe a little too well. Thankfully, Red has seen the re-runs.

Red: You really were a little wild and crazy, you know? Still are.

Kathy: Not much anymore, I think.

Red: Really? Well, how about dressing up as a garden gnome last year for Halloween? That’s a little wild and putting it on your Facebook page – that’s definitely crazy!

Kathy: (shrugging) Hey, I was proud of that costume – I really looked like a garden gnome.

Red: Actually, like the Travelocity gnome. And let’s talk about when you raised pigs. Or how about your year of cab driving?

Kathy: Well, raising pigs (chickens and rabbits, too) was for survival back in the seventies. But cab driving was one of my great adventures. I absolutely loved it. And the TV show Taxi was a big hit so it was also hip.

Red: How about homesteading in Alaska? Or flying all over the U.S. in those Cessnas counting swimming pools?

Kathy: The homesteading actually was crazy. We would have ended up popsicles if we’d stayed. Thank God for the hunters who came along and told us so. But the flying around was just part of my job as Director of Real Estate…

Red: Okay, then let’s talk about how you quit that job – paid good from what I’ve seen – to become an entrepreneur – a consignment shop, wasn’t it?

Kathy: Yep, called Keepers – now that was fun! I met so many interesting people. Too bad I picked the wrong time to open it – right after 9/11. I swear I’d still be doing it if I had waited a couple of years. But then I never would have become a reporter and editor.

Red: Right! Life just keeps throwing you curve balls, but you keep hitting them anyway.

Kathy: (laughing) Yes, but they’re all pop flies to the infield! I’m waiting for a line-drive or even a homer.

Red: Hang in there, Kathy. I feel a grand slam coming on.

Kathy: Wouldn’t that be nice? I guess I have had a bit of a wild and crazy life though.

Red: I’d say so. Selling everything to live in an RV and write probably qualifies, too!

Kathy: (smiling to herself) Maybe I did achieve my big dream – living a wild and crazy life?

Note to readers - Red has been played here by the conversations I've had with friends and family members over the years. Just so you don't think I'm too full of myself.


  1. Kathy, I love your blog and your "convos" with Red, even if Red gets her voice from others at times. You have had an interesting life. Thanks for sharing your art and your stories.



  2. Great post, Kathy. You and Red are a great team. You've done much in your life. Great ideas for books!

    I do enjoy your blog!