Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wigging Out!

For as long as I can remember I wanted to own a wig. This past Christmas my lovely daughter took me wig shopping and, after trying on at least a dozen, I found one I loved and she bought it for me! What follows is a “veranda conversation” my first main character, Lydia “Red” Talbot (and my very best imaginary friend) and I had regarding my gift. 

Red: I hear your family and friends don’t really get the whole wig thing.

Kathy: Correct.  The object for them seemed to be to get a wig that looked like the "me" I am every day.

Red: And that’s wrong?

Kathy: All wrong.

Red: So how did Vanessa know you wanted a wig?

Kathy: I put it on my Christmas wish list. She had no idea how much I’ve always wanted one.

Red:  So, I’m confused. Why a wig?

I took a long sip of my bloody Mary then endeavored to explain. 

Kathy: When I was a kid, my grandmother was an antique dealer and she had this wonderful back room full of stuff – old clothes, hats, cigarette holders, scarves, high heels, sparkly jewelry and of course, other items of antique vintage. I remember playing dress-up and putting on the clothes and jewelry. Grandma would tie a scarf around my head to represent long luxurious hair. Then she would let me use her very expensive LancĂ´me lipstick to color my lips (and cheeks for rouge). I’d parade out to the dining room, tottering in the heels, puffing on an empty cigarette holder and tossing my fake locks over my shoulder. I was quite the dish – in my own mind - Veronica Lake personified (BeyoncĂ© or Gwyneth Paltrow in today’s world).

Red: Wow! That sounds like fun. Your Grandma didn’t mind you getting into all those things?

Kathy: Nope, she encouraged it. 

Red: So…you’re still playing dress up?
I chuckled. As usual Red had nailed it. 

These pictures are of my first wig. I’ve also bought a sultry blonde one. When I get a picture taken in that one, I’ll be sure to post it.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Introducing ... My New Life

I am finally able to reveal the adventure I'm about to embark on and have actually started a brand new blog to write about it - ExPatAdventurer and the first posting is copied below. I would love to have you as a new follower on ExPat but rest assured, Red and I will continue to write. In fact, she'll be weighing in on the new lifestyle any day now.

"Today is a most exciting day. I've been waiting 7 months to be able to say this but I'm about to embark on an entirely new life as a expat traveler, searching the world for the perfect retirement spot, and finally doing the world traveling I've always dreamed about in the meantime.

I cannot express the great excitement I feel about this - the prospect of an incredible adventure. I've always been attracted to other cultures and ways of living and now I can immerse myself in a variety of places, peoples and customs. 

I will be writing frequently about how I came to this decision and what my process has been until the day I actually leave the United States with my passport in hand, awaiting the first customs person to stamp it. 

The bare bones of the plan are to first go to the Philippines, then Thailand, followed by Malaysia. In each of these places I expect to stay about 4 months. But I’m not tied to a schedule. Whatever happens happens. I’ll then make my way to the southern Americas – Ecuador and Panama, for sure. After that, I have no plan. I’m expecting to meet many other expats who I’m sure will have suggestions of places I must visit. Ultimately, I hope to find a home, a place in which I can both afford to retire and feel passionately about. 

I’ll be posting pictures and videos of my exploits once I’m on the road, but in the meantime, I will share with my readers what I’ve discovered in this process of several months.

All aboard?"