Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Veranda

As many of you know, Red and I frequently have our talks out on “The Veranda.” As others will realize, in truth, I live in an RV and Red lives in my mind. However, the veranda is an ever-changing necessity in our exchanges and here’s why.

Kathy: Let’s unleash the secrets of “The Veranda” for all our friends.

Red: I’m not sure what you mean? The secrets.

Kathy: The location…

Red: Locations, don’t you mean?

Kathy: Well, yeah. That’s definitely one of the special qualities of the veranda. Today, for instance, it’s raining…so we’re sitting under the roofed area.

Red: Yes, but in the piney woods or at the beach? I’m not getting a read on that from you.

Kathy: Hmmm…I guess I hadn’t looked beyond the mug of hot chocolate in my hands. The piney woods I think.

Red: Sounds good. A little too cold for the beach. So, that’s what you want to tell them? That we change our veranda on demand?

Kathy: Yes, for one thing. It’s nice having a happy place that can change in a flash.

Red: That’s right. I noticed when we’re in the mood for a barbeque we’re always at the beach, but if it’s a little on the gourmet side we’re definitely hanging out on deck among the pines, looking out at the little pond with the mallard ducks swimming around.

Kathy: Pretty much. Party-time at the beach house on the patio with the natural rock edge – instant seating for all of our guests. Reflective conversations are held on the deck overlooking the pond and woods.

Red: What about the terrace on Lake Como? We’ve done that one a time or two, when we really had something to celebrate.

Kathy: Oh, I love Lake Como…(gazing wistfully out at the pond but suddenly snapping out of it). There’s always water. Did you notice?

Red: Of course, the water’s essential to the mood. I imagine we’ll have a few other verandas pop up in the coming years.

Kathy: Definitely. Shall we tell them the other secret?

Red: Oh, sure. Why not?

Kathy: Well, when you visit us on the veranda…it can be anywhere you want it to be, too. So, please, feel free to indulge. Wherever you’re feeling like being at the moment…a porch, a terrace, a portico, a deck…your choice. It’s your veranda, too.


  1. How utterly charming, Kathy!! I understand this completely, as I have all my visitors sitting on stumps in the woods around a campfire! Even though we dream these scenarios up, they are very, very real, aren't they? Long live the dreamers! Best, Jo

  2. Oh Kathy, I love the veranda. It reminds me of my "sun room." My characters and I sit there creating whole worlds. We have active imaginations and the "sun room" is just part of it. I love your veranda. Would you like me to mix up some lemonade and bring it out with some blueberry citrus muffins?



  3. Congrats on your Liebster award!!

  4. I love The Veranda. My Veranda tonight is a large balcony attached to a wooden cabin. I am cozied up in my white fluffy robe, sitting in a red chair in front of a fire pit.

  5. Oh - that's a lovely picture! Warm and comfy. I think Red and I need to install a fire pit soon!

  6. This is a really cool idea. I love it!! I've invented a "Red" also but only in my spirit-travel books. Might be a good idea to keep an imaginary friend for myself also...someone to sit on my veranda with...plot with...hummm!

  7. Red really does exist in my head. I write down my line and I can hear hers clear as a bell, but in another tone of voice. It's really interesting. Besides, I do really love her.

  8. Good characters never die. They just move on and wait for the rest of us to catch up. Hey, I have a lanai ...

  9. I can't believe I missed the lanai! We'll have to come visit you sometime. :-)

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    1. I have to chuckle! LOL Two comments in one night - Yay! Thanks Sandy