Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Very Fond Farewell

Chris & me - one last hug!

For nearly two years, I’ve been a Roseville Toyota shuttle driver. It has been a joyous job for me! I managed to take a few pictures on my last day, but rest assured these folks are just a few of the wonderful people who work at the dealership.
Alex & Mike - Rentals!
My buddy Angela!

I feel like I’ve left a family behind. 

I told them to lean in - and they did! Ramsey, Wes, Zab and Jerry, the "Tony Bennett" of our service drive.
They have been so kind to me and fun to work with. I send a special thank you to Chris Martinez for always, always being there when I needed a little help and Paul Koontz for words he spoke on my behalf. Let me not forget the coolest man on the lot, Mr. Jerry Bendi, who I like to call the “Tony Bennett” of the drive – a class act!

Caitlin & Cory - Big Smiles
Service with a smile - Jim & Tony.
There are many, many customers I will miss as well; wonderful to have had the pleasure to meet. I calculated that during my time at Roseville Toyota, I’ve carried approximately 7,500 people, so there are way too many to mention here. But I will truly miss the interactions with them. 

Sending me off with good wishes - Cole and Dom
If you’re one of my buddies and I didn’t manage to snag a picture of you for this post, you know who you are and that I’ll miss you too.

Bye all and have a great life. 

Your bud, Kathy (Red Mojo Mama)

Paul Hernandez - quiet and cool!
Tall Paul - big guy, big heart.
Big Jimmy!

Cashiers with Class! Jen, Cheri, Hannah and my Sam.

3 peeps! Tony, Reyna and Adam.