Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some of Our Favorite Movies

It was a beautiful sunny day so Red and I hung out at the beach house, out on the deck, watching the ocean ebb and flow back to us. We got into a conversation about our favorite movies. We went back and forth for hours, but here’s where we got down to it.

Red: One of the best movies I’ve ever seen was Saving Private Ryan.

Kathy: That was such a great movie, but it affected me so strongly I couldn’t speak for 45 minutes afterwards.

Red: The knife scene was really intense.

Kathy: Yeah – I could barely stand to watch it. Actually, for me the definition of a favorite movie is one I’ll watch over and over.

Red: Like The Quiet Man? Man, we’ve seen that one a bazillion times.

Kathy: Well, you can’t beat Maureen O’Hara for sass and it’s a great love story. Actually, there are a few other oldies I love. The African Queen with Bogart and Hepburn – now that’s a love story.

Red: (nodding appreciatively) Yeah, Bogie and Hepburn were pretty great together in that. I loved it when Bogie called her “Rosie, old girl.” She was a redhead in that, you know.

Kathy: (chuckling) I know, I know. Speaking of redheads – what about Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame! Love that old movie. I've secretly always wanted to be Mame! Shhh...don't tell anyone.

Red: Well, she was red in about a fourth of the film. Mame changed her hair color almost as often as her outfits (laughing outright)She was outrageous, wasn't she?

Kathy: She was, especially for the times. Then there’s the best movie ever for feeling good – Love Actually. I watch that movie three times a year at least. Great cast!

Red: Well, yeah, and you have to admit Hugh Grant was really cute in that one.

Kathy: He was – and I’m not even a big H.G. fan. Hey, let’s not forget the WOMAN films.

Red: You mean your “I will survive, because I am woman, hear me roar” movies?

Kathy: Yep, First Wives Club, Something’s Gotta Give

Red: Ever notice Diane Keaton is in both of those?

Kathy: Yeah, I’m pretty sure we have a lot in common. We’d probably be BFFs if we ever met.

Red: (rolling her eyes) Sure you would. Then, of course, let’s not forget our old romantic standby Under the Tuscan Sun

Kathy: Again, with the redheads – Diane Lane. Of course, for "pure fun" movie you can't beat Independence Day. I love Will Smith and Randy Quaid in that one. It always has me cheering in the end.

Red: Any others?

Kathy: Oh, tons! Mamma Mia, Barefoot in the Park, It’s a Wonderful Life, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes

It went on like that for a long, long time. What can I say, we both love movies! What are some of your favs?


  1. There are so many movies that I really have mentioned some..."An Affair To Remember," "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," "The Sting," "For Pete's Sake," and yes, even "Love Story," I am such the sap!!! There are too many for me to list. I love the movies! (Can't forget the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies either, love them!)



  2. Oh so many! Steel Magnolias! Beauty and the Beast! Nevermore! Halloween! Rebecca! Mr. Brooks!

    Although if I was to ask the opinion of one of my favorite characters, she would add, Anne of Green Gables (to which I would ask if that's even a movie) and Nancy Drew anything. :)

  3. I'm a big Bogie fan, too. Love Casablanca, African Queen, Treasure of the Sierra Nevada, all of them. My favorite movie of all time has got to be Lawrence of Arabia. Any David Lean, really. Any Kubrick. I'm a "director" fan in general. Also a big time Star Wars geek.

  4. I watched Lawrence of Arabia again about a month ago. OMG - the art of film making. Spellbound. I love John Ford movies - all of them - and David Lean's. On the flip side, any of the Robert Altman stuff I find witty beyond compare.