Sunday, October 2, 2011

Approximate Royalties Calculated!

I visited my father this weekend and finally told him about the drive for Wounded Warriors. He was very touched and pleased. I also asked his permission to use his name. So, the donation was made in honor of Tully Bryant, former sailor who served on the USS Iowa. I thank you and so does he.

A couple of notes - a few people mentioned that they made direct donations from the link on the blog post. Several people sent Tweets or messages especially for my dad. Although, I think a month was way too long to do a fund drive, I still think the ultimate and best result was a building of awareness of the organization.

It’s time to give the approximate final numbers on the royalties generated by your generous purchases during last month. I didn’t realize that the royalty statement for the Kindle sales in September won’t be available for a couple of weeks. So I can’t post that, but I have been able to figure out approximately what I earned.

Here’s my breakdown:

19 Kindle copies of Red Mojo Mama @ $2.07 each = $39.33
1 Smashwords copy of Red Mojo Mama @ $2.27 = 2.27
4 personal paperback copies of Red Mojo Mama @ $1.50 = 6.00
6 Amazon paperback copies of Red Mojo Mama @ $1.40 = 8.40
8 Kindle copies of Her Heart @ $.35 = 2.80
12 Kindle copies of Tell Them You’re Fabulous @$.35 = 4.20
Total = $63.00

Below is the sales report from Amazon for the paperback copies. Member ID removed and a couple of irrelevant colums.

CreateSpace Sales Report

Start Date 1-Sep-11
End Date 30-Sep-11

Title Name Product Type Locale Sales Channel UPC/ISBN Title ID Quantity Royalty
Red Mojo Mama Book US Amazon 0615472303 3581488 6 8.4

Here is the donation confirmation (I removed my address). I added a couple of bucks just to be sure I covered the eventual total:

Your Confirmation Information

10/2/2011 10:58:42 PM
Wounded Warrior Project

Kathy Hall

Thank you for your generous donation to Wounded Warrior Project. Your gift enables us to provide comfort and aid to the wounded and families in need.

The following summarizes your contribution:
Payment Amount: $65.00
Reference ID: 1337XX (removed the last two digits just in case there's some weird way to get my personal info.)

Wounded Warrior Project contact information:
Email Address

Again, I can't thank you enough. Also, if you haven't already read this elsewhere - I'm going to be donating 10% of my royalties every month going forward and will have a much shorter fund drive again next year.


  1. Congratulations! That's such a wonderful contribution. I am so happy to hear that you raised that money for such a great organization.

  2. Thanks AG! You had a lot to do with the success - you retweeter you! Hugs.

  3. Great job Kathy! I applaud you for your efforts and contribution. Thank you for your work on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project.