Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why We Love DollarTree and the 99Cent Store

I had just come back from the local DollarTree with four bags of stuff I use everyday when Red appeared out of nowhere, excited and happy. She wanted to see what my purchases had been and then calculated my savings. She figured I had saved $17 on four bags and she was about right. Of course, this caused much celebration this morning as we sat on the Veranda, beachside, watching the waves roll in.

Kathy: This post is going to go one of two ways for our readers – “Ooooh, really?” or “OMG, me, too.”

Red: Yeah, I know. I don’t get it though. I see lots of Mercedes and Lexus’ at these two stores.

Kathy: My theory is people that have money know how to keep it. Then there’s the poor schmucks like me who love and actually need a bargain.

Red: I’m excited – let’s get busy with the bragging rights. That drain opener stuff you go last week – tell ‘em

Kathy: Yeah, exciting all right – cheapest at the grocery store was $3.98 – got a bottle of not-name-brand drain opener and it fixed me right up. Drain cleared up in about two hours. I get Palmolive or Ajax dish soap for $.99 always and my favorite brand of fabric softener sheets – ClingFree - are 40 sheets for a $1 and smell better than any of the other brands.

Red: I personally get turned on by the plastics. You know I’m an organizing freak, unlike my creator. We really did a number, last month, on the cupboards for less than $5.

Kathy: Yeah, really! Organization is a big thing in an RV. You do love those projects, don’t you? I have to say you get a little bossy when we take on an organizational task.

Red: What can I say? I like to know where your things are!

Kathy: DollarTree also has greeting cards 2 for $1. The local store even has American Greetings for $1 each. Do you know what that means?

Red: You send a helluva lot of cards?

Kathy: (laughing) Yes, that’s true. Just sent my grandkids Halloween cards. I do love to send cards.

Red: Okay, best bargain ever for taste and pure gladness?

Kathy: I know, I know. The Diet Snapples? Two for $1? Less than ½ price. Did we stock up or what?

Red: (chuckling) I’m still opening cupboards and finding some stashed away.

Kathy: You can’t beat it for a buck!


  1. I absolutely love shopping at the DollarTree especially when it is freshly stocked. We don't have a .99 cent store and we lost our "Everything for a Dollar" store and "$1" stores. I miss them. They had things that DollarTree didn't have but they didn't have groceries and I love getting my cans of tomatoes at the DollarTree. Beats the grocery store all to heck. I buy the 2 for $1 greeting cards too and my Christmas cards at $1 a box. What a deal! I love the place.



  2. DollarTree, BigLots... I miss them all. I've found only one 10 cent store here and it's great to look for deals. Great post, Kathy. Brings back fond memories.

  3. I buy their greeting cards for all the shut ins I know. Easy and inexpensive way to spread a little joy.

  4. I looooove DollarTree! Because I'm a theatre artist and I'm pooooor. You're the best, Miss MojoMama!

  5. I like $ Tree for getting snacks and fun stuff too. I reference it sometimes on my OrgThis blog for organizing and gift-wraping ideas. Next month I will offer budget-stretching options for holiday gifts.

  6. Dollar tree rocks--they even have a bulk buy option at their website now where you can order some stuff by the case. My family loves it :) Anytime I'm out with my mom, she usually insists on dropping by on to check out the stock, and we do a lot of shopping in thrift stores, too (especially when it comes to clothes). My mom taught me how to pinch pennies until they scream, and I love bargain shopping.

    Rejectedriter--I got all my Halloween makeup from Dollartree this year :)I just put on a thin coat of gloss beneath the eyeshadow to help it apply a little thicker so the colors would pop, stay & set. I made a very lovely steampunk fairy queen.

  7. I love Dollar Tree, too. :)

  8. That store always makes me feel so RICH :)
    #BigSpender here! lol