Saturday, April 6, 2013

You May Be Living in La La Land if…

Lately, the residents of La La Land seem to be swarming like zombies on patrol for fresh humans. Everywhere I turn I see people stuck in unrealistic expectations, antiquated thought processes and determined denial.  I really don’t mind too much (after all if someone desires to stay stuck that truly is their choice) but it’s often tough to deal with them.  See if you recognize a La La Lander you know in any of these descriptions (apologies to Jeff Foxworthy).

You may be living in La La Land if:

  •  You’re convinced you know everything there is to know about a subject because you graduated from college (whether recently or a billion years ago).  Really? In 2003, a study estimated that new information grew annually at a rate of 66% annually. What would the rate be now, I wonder?
  • You still think the Yellow Pages are the answer when you have online access. Race ‘ya!
  • You believe in Karma…for everyone else. Please be extra careful when you cross the street.
  • You think you need to check with your physician before you decide to quit eating wheat products (this is the primary requirement in going gluten-free).  Really? Would you talk to your doctor before you quit eating candy? Or yogurt? Or drinking coffee?
  • You’re convinced you know exactly what family values are now. Seriously? The sheer number of dysfunctional families (encumbered by alcoholism, narcissism, drug addiction and any number of other syndromes or diseases) and the effects of those dysfunctions on children, should force us to redefine what exactly a family is and what value it has.
  • You still believe that acquiring money and status defines success. After this last recession, need I say more?
  • You think doing something in the same old way will result in a change. You know what they say about the definition of crazy, right?
  • You still don’t know that being kind is the very best attribute a person can have. No jokes on this one. It’s the truth and has been forever.

May you chuckle because you’ve escaped La La Land and live among the thinking humans!