Sunday, October 2, 2011

Red is the Color of Passion

My car is bright, true red. So are many of my clothes. I’m a redhead by choice. The classic black dress is wonderful, but a scarlet dress will always turn heads. I would probably paint my RV, Wanda, crimson except that she’d look like an emergency vehicle afterwards.

So, obviously red is my favorite color. It’s also Lydia “Red” Talbot’s signature color. Which made for a lively discussion.

Kathy: You know, my first favorite color, when I was a kid was green – forest green.

Red: That’s back in the day, before you had ever experienced passion, right?

Kathy: Well…yeah. What’s that got to do with it?

Red: Once you’ve had passion in your life – I’m not talking just love and sex – it’s hard not to express yourself with red – the color of passion. It stirs the soul.

Kathy: Wow, you’re sounding very literate.

Red: I’m channeling Christiane Amanpour again. But seriously, pastels are pretty but jewel tones are all full of fire, with red at the top of the list.

Kathy: (grinning widely) You woke up full of piss and vinegar this morning, didn’t you?

Red: (slightly sheepish) Joe took me out dancing last night. I wore my red chiffon dress and those red heels. I’m just saying, I think the dress and shoes had something to do with what a great time we had.

Kathy: (laughing out loud now) I’m pretty sure it was what was in those clothes that caused the merriment! You’re a hot potato in jeans and a t-shirt, too, you know.

Red: (shaking her head violently) No, no. It was the red! We were at Forelli’s – that place with the red tablecloths and red brocade walls. We couldn’t get away from red. The color of passion surrounded us on all sides. Joe was even wearing a red tie. We had to surrender to its power.

Kathy: Okay, okay. I give. I’m afraid - very afraid - to let you continue…so we’ll just agree that red is the best color in the whole wide world, okay?

Red: (shrugging as if it didn’t really matter to her at all) I’m just saying.


  1. I love red, too. Just a statement colour. And red shoes... Say no more.

  2. I love red. For my wedding I wore a white dress...and red heels. :) When my husband and I renew our vows, many years down the road, I will be wearing a red dress. :)

    Red is the color of passion. I think that's why I like dyeing my hair red so much. I am such a passionate person, and it just suits me.

    I know it suits you too. ;)

  3. Ah red, the color that bespeaks love, lust, carnality and passion. Where would we be without red? It wakes us up and sends the message to pay attention. Red is the color for the ages.


    Ardee-ann the daughter of one red hot mama!

  4. What a great post, Kathy! I'm also excited that Blogger fixed their problem- I hope. You'll be hearing more from about you great site!