Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Time to Celebrate

Red and I were having lunch yesterday with a dear friend, Sandy, who is nearly the same age I am. Let’s just say that Sandy and I have raised our children. We were talking about how often women are depressed by reaching certain notches on the time belt.  I personally went into a deep funk when I hit 60. Sandy reminded me of that fact and sat back just a little before she made a thoughtful comment. 

Sandy:  You know… that’s all wrong. 

Red: What is?

Sandy: Getting depressed at this time in our lives. 
Kathy: Why do you say that?

Sandy: Okay, so we’ve raised our kids, finally know ourselves pretty well, have extra time on our hands and what do we do – cry about not being young anymore! I don’t want to be “Forever Young” or even “Young at Heart.” I want to be my  age and celebrate it. This IS a time for celebration. 

Kathy: (smiling widely as realization dawns) Ah! I see. So, embrace the freedom and knowledge that comes with the age. 

Red: Hey, ladies, I have quite a few more years before I reach your age and I don’t have kids. 

Sandy: Oh, hush. I hate to be the one to remind you but you’re fictional.  You can be and do anything Kathy thinks up for you. In fact, some of the stuff you’ve done are things Kathy wishes she’d done. Right, Kath?

Kathy: Well, yeah. That’s probably true of most writers’ characters. 
Red: But in real life… you still think getting older is something to celebrate?

Sandy: Of course! Now we have time to spend on our dreams. Now we know ourselves well enough to try new things; not to get ahead or prove we can do it, but just because we always wanted to. 

Kathy: Like what?

Sandy: Well…like playing with fusion glass. I’ve always wanted to try that.  You’ve always wanted to travel more, so figure out a way to do that.

Kathy:  You’re right! And I’ve always wanted to try my hand at sculpture, silver smithing, prospecting for gold…

Sandy: (laughing) Whoa, girl! You probably have a list a mile long. The truth is now you really can do these things. There’s nothing to stop you. 

Red: Yeah, Kathy, let’s push our funk over a cliff so it can’t come back - ever! Time to celebrate. 

Kathy: Our funk? (I asked quizzically)

Red: (giving me a frustrated look) Well, except when you write me into scenes, I live in your head. Why do you think I zipped off to outer rings of consciousness? It was getting a little dreary in there. Hey, girls, how about a pitcher of Bloody Marys?

Sandy: Count me in!

Kathy: I hate to break it to you ladies, but they don’t serve anything but wine here. 

Red: Ah, well, the sacrifices we make!

The three of lifted our glasses of tea, water and Red’s imaginary Bloody Mary and toasted to finally getting to the ripe old age of “Freedom to Explore.”

Monday, March 25, 2013

Yee Haw! Red’s Back in Town

You may not be aware, but Lydia (Red) Talbot has been off on an Inter-Consciousness-Brilliance quest, searching for the energy fields of Albert Einstein and Mark Twain for some months.  She took off in September 2012 and was due to return sometime in August, but she got caught on the outer ring of Nebulous Consciousness after a brief encounter with the two, unfortunately. But she’s back and I’m brewing up a pitcher of Bloody Marys in celebration. 

Kathy: Hey, Red! It’s so good to have you back! It’s been a bit lonely on the Veranda without you!

Red: I missed you, too, and I have to say – I really missed the Marys. Did you know there’s no alcohol in the levels of alternate consciousness? Not exactly party-city. 

Kathy: I guess I hadn’t thought of that. So, no contact with the guys?

Red: Well, I did get a glimpse of the two of them on a veranda of their own, in white wicker chairs, both smoking pipes and sipping something tall and cool. But it was probably sweet tea. 

Kathy: Sweet tea?

Red: Yeah. It looked like they were on a porch in the South. 

Kathy: Ah! But no actual contact? Did they speak?

Red: speech.  Mr. Twain winked at me and then they both disappeared. 

Kathy: No kidding?! He winked? Too bad you didn’t get to speak to either of them. What would you have asked?

Red: What was in the glasses?

Kathy: (laughing loudly) Really? Your big question to two of the most brilliant men of all time would have been, “What’s in the glasses, boys?”

Red: Yep. Don’t you want to know what brilliant men sip on?

Kathy: Oh, Red! It’s good to have you back!

I handed her a tumbler full of what the two most smart-aleck women of all time drink – Bloody Marys – and we settled back in our own white wicker chairs and gazed happily over the imaginary duck pond on my imaginary country estate. Life’s good.