Friday, July 1, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Has Definitely Found Her Mojo

Okay, let’s be brutally honest. Everyone has felt a little bad about Jennifer since Angelina stole Brad! Everyone.

We loved her. She was Rachel. All the men wanted to bed Rachel and all the women wanted to be Rachel. We were all stunned when that schmo Ross let her get away. Face it - we (the women who were rooting for Rachel) were a little amazed that she fell for the guy in the first place. But we bought into the relationship ultimately and went along for the ride.

Rachel – I mean Jennifer – then hooks up with Brad Pitt. The television uber-babe weds the hottest man in history – well, at least in the 90’s – and we all sat back and waited for the baby Brads and Jens to come along. Then along came Angelina and wham-o! Jennifer and Brad weren’t even on a break, for God’s sake!

Jennifer’s public – the world at large – watched with bated breath as she slipped into a May-December romance with John Mayer, landed the big guy Vince Vaughn (my personal favorite) and then dallied with Gerard Butler.

As each relationship failed, we felt sorry for her all over again. “Poor Jen. She’s just can’t make it last!” Funny thing, though – Jennifer never seemed that broken up by her break-ups. She bounced back – even from the Brad thing – with amazing grace.

We definitely don’t need to feel sorry for her anymore. She’s everywhere nowadays. She dating Justin Theroux and apparently thrilled about it – if you read the Yahoo headlines. She’s made a bazillion movies in the last couple of years – even got kudos for The Good Girl. Check out her bod in Just Go With It. Really? How annoying is it that she looks better than ever?

It’s not about men, either. She’s grown into herself. Jennifer Aniston has definitely got her mojo back.

Here’s my favorite Jen quote: “A relationship isn't going to make me survive. It's the cherry on top.”

Right on! You go girl!

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  1. Nice post. I haven't followed all this as closely as you, but get that you've been rooting for her for a long time.

  2. Thanks David - for posting a comment. I personally loved this first post, because I haven't been relating to Jennifer for a long time. Since the beginning of Friends. I'm not a big "fan" type person, but I've been pulling for her all along.

  3. Time for me to rant. :)

    I personally do not think she ever lost her mojo. Brad Pitt was a jerk for cheating on her with Angelina (we all know it happened) and she was lucky to be rid of him. And when her subsequent relationships ended, I did not feel sorry for her any more than I did for the guy she parted ways with. Jennifer Aniston is beautiful, talented, successful, and charitable. I am sure she does not deserve nor welcome pity just because she has yet to meet a man who can keep up with her.

  4. Dc - thanks for your input! This was meant to be funny, but I take your point. I admire her, too.

  5. Really enjoyed seeing your feelings about Jennifer and was very surprised to learn she & Gerard Butler had a thing going at one time.

    I've always had the impression Jen is a down-to-earth celebrity who truly appreciates her fans support. Yes, we felt she did not deserve to be humiliated in public by the Pitt(s) - but her grace under fire, during that period, sealed my good opinion of her as a person & celebrity.

    Now she needs to find a wonderful rom/com and choose British actor Richard Armitage as her leading man for it. He's currently filming/starring in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT as Thorin. I'm sure if Jennifer would check him out, she'd find RA's keen acting abilities to be a great match for her talent with comedy.