Sunday, July 10, 2011 Spreads the Love

Kathy: I’ll kickstart this discussion. Kickstart – get it? (blushing) How many times have you wished you could lend support to a starving artist? Be a benefactor to the next great author? Help someone become Steven Spielberg’s successor? What’s a financially challenged person to do? Well, I personally buy the greeting cards that painters create from their works of art. It’s usually about all I can afford. But I always feel like I’ve done SOMETHING to help out.

Red: Speak for yourself. Personally, I inherited a wad of money from Aunt Esther, so I can give freely.

Kathy: I hate to point this out, but you are a figment of my imagination and so are your bank accounts. Anyway, now, there’s another way I can help and so can you. is a website dedicated to helping artists of all persuasions to get their projects off the ground. There are any number of projects to pick from and you can donate whatever you can afford to a project you think is worthwhile.

Red: I would just like to point out that YOU made me real by writing about me. If it’s in print, it must be true!

Kathy: Not even close.

Red: You believe in Tom Hanks, don’t you?

Kathy: Yeah…because he’s a real person.

Red: Have you ever met him? Seen him in person?

Kathy: No, but he’s on TV and in films regularly.

Red: They can animate all that you know. If you haven’t seen him in person, you’re taking it on faith that he actually exists. Just like when your fans read about me they believe I exist – so I do.

Kathy: Uh…off topic. Let’s get back to the point. So, where was I? Oh, yeah. The project has to get enough donations to meet its budget, which might be $500 or $10,000 or whatever. Once it does, you’re charged and the project gets it’s funding.

Red: Sounds pretty cool. I’ll think I’ll contribute a couple grand to that chick who’s making the funky rainboots.

Kathy: (Rolling her eyes) It’s a fun way of contributing to the arts and becoming invested in someone else’s dream without having to be a Rockefeller.

Red: Yeah - one day, you may be able to say – I helped Ratfink Pollusa become the Pablo Picasso of the 21st century!

Kathy: Ratfink? Really? (shaking her head – refocusing) Interested? Just go to and see what I’m talking about. I’ll make a small donation today on behalf of Red. Poor, delusional girl.

Red: Hey! If I’m a delusion – I’m yours.

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  1. Cute post and easy to understand explanation. I'm just getting into this kickstarter thing myself. It might end up seeing a bit of my entertainment budget. :)