Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love Those Redheads!

Watching the world stage, I’m often stuck by the shortage of redheads out there. That’s one reason I love being a redhead (admittedly with a little help). Redheads are noticed first and then given just a little bit of slack in anticipation of their much-discussed passion, which we really have in spades, by the way. When the world loves a redhead, it really, really loves her (or him). Famous redheads somehow go beyond normal fame – all the way to redheaded fame.

My female characters always have red hair. It just comes out that way. That why my main character in Red Mojo Mama, Lydia “Red” Talbot and I, (Kathy, her creator -geez I love saying that) were discussing righteous redheads last night. This is how the conversation went.

Red: I still think Lucille Ball is the greatest redhead of all time.

Kathy: That explains your VW’s name! I would have a hard time choosing between Katharine Hepburn, easily the spunkiest real-life actress ever and Maureen O’Hara, whose beauty knocked everyone’s socks off every time she was on screen – especially in “The Quiet Man”. You know, the movie with John Wayne.

Red: (rolling her eyes) What do you mean do I know the movie? I’ve watched that film with you 5 times in the last year. I know, I know – the rain scene in the ruins.

Kathy: Yep, you got it. Your turn.

Red: I’d have to go with some of the music greats – Bette Midler, Reba McEntire, Bonnie Raitt, Clay Aiken – does Pink count?

Kathy: Definitely not – she’s a blonde. So is Bette most of the time.

Red: Well, they’re totally redheads at heart and Bette was bright red in “Beaches” the best movie ever.

Kathy: (counting to 10) How about those Brits? Prince Harry, Sarah Ferguson, Queen Elizabeth I (and her papa Henry VIII – so much for red-headed passion), Winston Churchill, the Redgrave sisters and that actor from Twilight.

Red: Robert Pattinson! Ooh, baby! If we’re talking guys too – here’s a few: John Glenn, the son of Dr. Evil – Seth Green, TV Texas Ranger Chuck Norris, the Harry Potter friend – Rupert Grint, Ron Howard, Eric Stoltz ( hubba-hubba), Shaun White (Snowboarding King)

Kathy: How about Red Buttons, Red Skeleton, Danny Kaye and Mark Twain!

Red: All dead guys – you notice. And Mark Twain – I thought he had white hair.

Kathy: (my eyes were flaming by then) Dead doesn’t keep you from being a GREAT redhead and Mark Twain WAS a redhead before his hair went white.

Red: Okay, okay – calm down. Didn’t mean to diss your guys.

Kathy: (taking a deep breath) A few final entries - Ann-Margaret, Julia Roberts, Agnes Moorehead (the fiery Endora on Bewitched), Rene Russo, Rita Hayworth (Fred Astaire’s favorite dancing partner), Debra Messing, Joy Behar, Bill Walton, Susan Sarandon (sexiest older woman imaginable), Rihanna (canned color – but oh how red she can get!), Carrot Top, Bozo and Ronald McDonald (Oh, those clowns!)

Red: Wow! You can really do a summation. Ever think of becoming a lawyer?

Kathy: (laughing) No, Red. I don’t have any extra time after writing your life.

Red: Yeah! Get back to it will you? I’m getting a little sunburned on this cruise. Back at it girl.

So, I closed my eyes, turning off the voices in my head, re-opened them and hit the pages. That’s exactly what I’m going to do right now. But I will be thinking of my legacy as a redhead and trying to live up to it – everyday.

Who's your favorite redhead? We (Red and I) want to know - so tell us below!

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  1. I gotta give credit to one of my favorite Communication professors - Leslie - who had red hair and the (somewhat intimidating) personality to match! Students called her "headstrong" and I always thought that was too perfect!

    Great post and great idea - interviewing your character.

  2. Cute post! BTW, use pink haired ladies ARE red-heads at heart!

  3. I'm my favorite red head hahaha! I took myself out of the mainstream so I have no clue who the current "cool" people are to give an informed answer to your question. I am naturally auburn, was strawberry as a child, darkened somewhat as I got older but when the sun gets ahold of me WOW! Oddly enough now that I'm older my hair has gone haywire with curls... I'm talking poodle curly at times. ANYway, LOVE your post, you're a regular redhead rolodex! I really did laugh audibly (lol is such a trite thing to type/say or imply) I mean I was laughing and actually made an unladylike snort noise, thanks a lot. Actually no one heard it so ... let's just forget I said it and pretend it never happened, cool?
    Thanks for pointing me here, I'm ALWAYS glad to find a good blog to dig into!! They're hard to find (:
    -Stacy Clark

  4. I love this post! I am a natural blonde, but it has never suited me. For five years I dyed my hair all shades of red. Once my hair gets manageable again, I'm dying it back red. :)

  5. My mom has got to be the most amazing redhead EVER!!!! Anywho, slightly biased and all. How about Julianne Moore or Julia Roberts (on and off)? Or if we're up for digging into history (Elizabeth I is always a fav, as you mentioned) how about Boudicca or countless viking dudes? Anne of Green Gables - all the way (Canadian AND a redhead - cha ching).

  6. All my female characters have red hair too! It's always this outrageous color red - wild and curly. I don't think I could write a blonde to save my life (and I'm a blonde). I love Bryce Dallas Howard. I think she's the most awesome redhead ever.

  7. I've been blonde, brunette and purple-headed (a failed attempt at raven) but have had so much more fun as a redhead. People expect a little more from a redhead and it's funny delivering it! Thanks for the comments, ladies!

  8. Being a redhead informs your life. My brother, two years older than I (me?) asked me the other day if I was coloring my hair. I am "older" and getting white around the edges but still appear to be a redhead. Wouldn't have wanted to be anything else, despite the childhood teasing.

  9. May I say from one Red-head to another...MWAH! I love you!

    Fan for life,
    Heather Calaway
    Author of Libra Rising- download available from 12/02/2011! - MC also a Red-head *wink*

  10. Other than you? I have to go with Andrew Jackson. He had an inaugural party at the White House that got so out of hand they had to put wooden kegs of beer on the White House lawn to lure the guests out and lock the doors. That's a redhead party!

  11. Yay, redheads! My protag is a redhead, like me. I tried to change her so people wouldn't think I was writing about myself, but my beta readers wouldn't let me.

    Apparently they love redheads, too. :-)

  12. Kelly - you got the right idea! Andrew was a bit of a wild child, I hear. Diane - I always picture my protags as redheads, even if I don't write them that way - probably a little weird.

  13. As a natural redhead I always find other people's fascination with red hair and red heads a bit odd. However my younger sister (who is also a red head) and I both have stories about how our red hair has brought us a little extra magic and good karma into our lives.

    1. I'm just revisiting this post so I hadn't seen this comment from you, woreout. I'm not at all surprised by that. I swear when I'm a redhead my life is a lot different than when I revert to my natural color (dishwater blonde)!