Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looking For Lula

Kathy: I just finished reading Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich, the latest in the Stephanie Plum series. My reaction to it is – meh.

Red: You’re being much nicer than I would be.

Kathy: Well, the woman – Janet – has created a remarkable cast of characters and reading the books has been a hoot up until the last couple of books. The formula is showing…

Red: Yeah, it’s getting old. And what the heck has happened to Lula?

Kathy: For those of you that haven’t read the books, Lula is Stephanie’s African-American sidekick, a gun-toting, plus size former ‘ho with a mouth on her that won’t quit.

Red: Not so much this time out. Where’s the Lula I know and love? All her smart-ass seems to have up and left. Even Granny Mazur was a little subdued in Smokin.

Kathy: More about Gramma Mazur in a later post. Let’s stay on point. So, Lula is usually more than a little shocking. If it isn’t her skin-tight flamboyant clothes or her philosophies on life, it’s her attraction to all the wrong men or the volumes of food she can eat. Lula is hands-down my favorite Evanovich character, and that includes the two hot men Stephanie has hanging around, Joe Morelli and Ranger.

Red: Me, too – although I do get a little crazed for the boys!

Kathy: I’ve noticed. Down girl!

Red: Can’t help myself. My Joe and Stephanie’s Joe are kinda similar – except mine’s a tad bit older. And Ranger? Well, he literally smolders on the page.

Kathy: BACK to Lula…

Red: Okay, okay.

Kathy: …anyway – Janet, let’s bring Lula back full-force! Love her, miss her, want more of her!

Red: Janet – a plea from the other side. We, the characters who are created in the minds of novelists, want our rights! Let us speak! Hear our needs! We’re all behind Lula. Free Lula. Free Lula! Can you hear it – the roar of thousands of characters? There’s Jane Eyre and Sherlock Holmes raising their fists in the corner. And Holden Caulfield – looking a little morose. He’s bummed. What’s that you say, Holden? Free Lula? Yay, baby, free Lula!

Kathy: (looking askance at her own rowdy character) Are you through?

Red: I suppose so, but we gotta talk about Gramma Mazur.

Kathy: Later, Red, later.

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