Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What? You Forgot to Verandize Them?

As many of you know, Red and I have our frequent talks out on the Veranda. What is the Veranda? Well, it’s an imaginary place – I’m sure you have one like it – where the world floats by as we sip our Bloody Marys and solve the world’s problems. As I said in an old post – “Party-time is at the beach house on the patio with the natural rock edge – instant seating for all of our guests. Reflective conversations are held on the deck overlooking the pond and woods.”

So, “verandizing”! No it’s not a reading of your rights before arresting you – but almost as important! Red and I tease each other about not having invited someone to the Veranda yet.

Well, Red just returned from her cruise to Mexico – via Red is an Attitude – and the first thing out of her mouth was a complaint that I had forgotten to invite the people she met on the cruise to the Veranda!

She’s right – what better place to introduce you to her shipmates than right here on the Veranda – so next week be prepared to meet the whole bunch of them. We’ll serve munchies and Bloody Marys, margaritas and non-alcoholic punch for those of you who would rather watch us make fools of ourselves than partake.

This one will be down at the beach house and the party will probably last several days. So, be prepared to party hardy with our guest at the Verandizing Hoe-Down.

See you there!

PS – don’t need to bring a thing – just yourself.


  1. I'll be there! i like my Margarita's frozen and with plenty of salt please. Warning, I may want to dance after a couple of drinks!


  2. We'll be sure to invite along the best dancer in the lot! LOL - see you next week!

  3. I've been terribly slow of late, but my brain feels fast?? Being on the same veranda as Kathy and Red maybe too much for my feeble heart-- but I can't wait.