Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Aggie - Red's Newest Friend

Okay, I promised that Red and I would bring some of her new friends from the sequel, Red is an Attitude, to the Veranda and here’s the first one, Agatha Gamboni! We love her. She’s from Chicago, was badly used by her big lug of a husband, Henry and befriended by Red on the cruise to Mexico, on which she arrived by an unusual means.

Red:  (rushing forward) Aggie! So glad to see you again. You look great! (She's an older woman, is dressed in a very stylish purple flowered sundress and bright sandals, with a filmy shawl draped over her shoulders)

Aggie: (smiling widely) Red! Boy, have I missed you! Where’s Joe?

Kathy: Well, up until now, Joe hasn’t joined us on the Veranda. In fact, you’re the first fictional guest.

Aggie: (frowning suddenly) Fictional? Don’t tell me you discriminate based on living versus fictional! Lordy, I wouldn’t have thought it of you.

Red: No, no, calm down, Aggie. Kathy’s very open-minded about the fictional. If anything, she favors the fictional. Why, she even invited Stephanie Plum, but she hasn't been able to make it yet.

Aggie: Oh, I see. Well, I guess she did create me, so I should give her a break anyway, huh?

Kathy: (chuckling) I see your mojo has fully returned! Is Henry treating you right now?

Aggie: Of course. He knows full well I’m not about to take any of his guff again. How are the folks back at The Springs?

Kathy: Everyone still talks about you Aggie! Especially Blake (Agatha blushes slightly) But otherwise, everyone's fine.

Red: Can I get you a Bloody Mary, Aggie?

Aggie: Sure! What are those? (pointing to a plate of bacon wrapped broiled water chestnuts)

Kathy: Our favorite appetizers! Red said she was sure you’d like them. Here you go. (Passing the plate)

Aggie carefully picked up one of the toothpick speared treats and popped it into her mouth. Her face softened and she moaned a little as the flavor overcame her.  Then she let out a loud laugh of pleasure. 

Red: (happily watching, hands Aggie her Bloody Mary) You like?

Aggie: I like! (sipping her drink) And this too! You make incredible Bloody Marys!

Kathy & Red:  (in unison) It’s our specialty!

Aggie stayed for a couple of hours, chatting and reminiscing about the cruise. Her parting words were:

Aggie: Nice place you got here!

Next up - a bimbo we call "Barbie"!


  1. Red and Kathy, does "Barbie" know you call her a bimbo? LOL!!!! I liked getting to meet Aggie. She seems like such fun. Well anyone who is fond of Bloodys has to be fun. I mean really.

    I haven't gotten to read "Red Is An Attitude" yet but it is on the list for when my poor tired eyes can handle reading books again. In the meantime I look forward to meeting Red's friends from the cruise. I bet she had an awesome time.



    1. You're gonna love Aggie when you get to it. Yes, "Barbie", who is really Cindi, wears the label bimbo comfortably. You'll see!

  2. Aw, Aggie sounds so sweet! I love the veranda so far! There's food, new friends, old friends, and Bloody Marys. I'm a fan of this veranda blog series, KLH!

    1. Thanks, Kelley! Love the Veranda! It's our place. Wish everyone could stop by for a drink and appetizer. Now THAT would be fun.