Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just Cruising Along

I’m here to tell you that the best vacation I’ve ever had was aboard a cruise ship. It wasn’t long enough. I took my daughter on one of the Royal Caribbean jaunts to Ensenada about eight years ago and I’ve been craving it ever since. That’s probably why Red ended up going on a cruise in her latest adventure.

Here are the top ten reasons I love cruising:

1. You can eat as much as you want! I’m not a big fan of buffets so this seems like a contradiction. However, what I really loved was the idea that I could have two appetizers and two desserts if I wanted. I only did the double-ups once – two appetizers – but it was the idea that I didn’t have to be confined to what’s “normal.”

2. Naps between activities are so accessible! The simple fact that you can go from swimming in the pool or a land excursion to a nap before dinner by simply walking back to your cabin – heaven.

3. You can have a few drinks without worry! I’m really not much of a drinker, but I have frequently wanted just one more and knew it wasn’t a good idea because I was driving home. Viola! Onboard ship you just have to worry about going overboard – literally.

4. Ramon! Well, I realize that all cabin stewards are not named Ramon and may not even be a handsome man. But mine was! He was flirtatious, solicitous and had pretty teeth. Plus he made us those cute towel animals.

5. Meeting new people – I really love meeting people that I may never see again. You can really relax that way and be yourself in a whole other way than you do in business or personal relationships at home.

6. Your only responsibility is getting yourself on the ship! If you want to simply stay in the cabin for four days, so be it. They’ll bring you your food. Whatever you choose to do from the vast array of activities is solely up to you.

7. The food is fantastic! Really. At least it was on our ship and my daughter was a chef-in-training at the time and very picky. She still talks about the escargot and tiramisu. I’m more of a stuffed mushrooms and crème brulee kinda gal myself.

8. Being on the ocean. Looking out the dining room windows and seeing the shore slip away as you head out to sea. Wow!

9. Walks on the decks at night. Our ship was nearly deserted on the decks by around midnight, so a stroll in the cool night air was a real treat.

10. Being waited on every minute of the day. Oh, my goodness, does anything make you feel more queenly (or kingly) than that?

I just found myself craving a cruise really, really bad. Writers, be careful what you write about!

Please add to the list! I’m sure you’ve had your own shipboard adventures.


  1. Yum, cruises. I haven't been on one in years, but I have to say that I did enjoy the experience! Ok, you already hit all of the important basics (towel animals, food, and attractive cabin stewards), but I have a few more to add.

    1) There is something for everyone. My Gma hit up the casino, my cousins hit up the club, I hit up the pool (AKA drink) area, and my rents, aunts, and uncles hit up the excursions. Perfection.

    2) In addition to the dining room food, there are also restaurants. I did a RC cruise too and the Johnny Rockets was fabulous!

    3) The entertainment is actually pretty good. There were dancers, comedians, the works.

    Oh how I miss the frozen drinks with little umbrellas in them...lucky Red!

  2. I forgot all about the entertainment! Yes, that was really fun, too. I HAVE to go on a cruise again, soon!

  3. That does it I need a sea cruise! Planning for Tahiti & it won't be soon enough!

  4. I have been on one in the Mexican Riviera, over.... 14 years ago and it is still a delightful memory of rest and relaxation, doing nothing, for eight glorious days. Can't wait to read about Red's adventure. :-)