Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just a Snippet

Okay, folks - this is Red. My friend Kathy can be a bit shy at times, so I've taken the controls on this one.

I'll admit, at first I was a little put out that Kathy seemed to love these new characters - the ones in The Great Twitter Adventure - as much as me. But then I realized I'm still the one she has Bloody Marys with on the Veranda regularly. I guess you could say I'm her invisible BFF (Best Friend Forever - for those of you over the age of 12, who might not know.)

Anyway, I like the new people too - a lot. I mean, Maggie's a crack-up and the whole story is told from her point of view. Then there's Frank, the mystery man who wears a fedora all the time and has the nerve to disappear on these guys. I love Dwayne, with that smart mouth and devilish Samuel L. Jackson smile. Edie's a pip - sharp and fearless (actually they're all fearless) and then there's Tex, a urban cowboy if there ever was one.

So, I told her - we needed to give you all a preview - a little snippet - of the action. Now, don't make me a fool here. Don't forget to comment! Bye all. See you round the Veranda!

Chapter 6

When we walked out of the restaurant, Dwayne’s voice dropped to a whisper as he asked me, “Don’t look now, but glance to the left when we get to the Jeep. Does that look like the car? There’s two dudes just sitting in a black car. I think it’s a Mercedes, but it’s in the far row. I can’t see all of it.” I took this information in. The others had heard whispering but were smart enough not to call attention to it.

We got to the Grand Cherokee and I beeped the doors open. Before I slid into the front seat, I threw a quick glance towards the black car and saw two heads quickly look away.

Once inside, I turned back to Dwayne. “They turned their heads when I looked their way. I’d have to guess those are our guys. What should I do?”

Edie answered first, “Act natural.”

“Should I try to lose them before we go to the apartment?” I queried worriedly.

“What’s the point?” Tex asked. “They apparently know about the apartment. I say we head on over and hope they try to bother us.” I saw a flash of metal in the mirror and looked back over my shoulder to find Tex brandishing the biggest handgun I’d ever seen.

“Yeah, me too.” Dwayne answered and I twisted in my seat, pulling a shoulder muscle.

“What’s that?” I asked numbly staring at a black, snub-nosed revolver.

“Her little sister,” he answered jerking his head towards Tex’s shiny friend. “The black one,” he finished with a chuckle.

“Gotcha covered,” Edie answered, with a wild look in her eye to match the spiky red hair on her roof. And there in her lap rested a cute little derringer. The fellas leaned forward and peeked over the seat. Both laughed loudly.

“Hey, don’t under-estimate baby sister. She can do a lot of damage at close-range.”

Dwayne threw up his hands. “She gets no disrespect from me. I still carry a slug from one of those babies in my shoulder.”

We all turned to look at him with that one. He shrugged and answered, “Crazy girlfriend.”

Shocked at my friends, I looked numbly at the threesome.

“So, I’m the only one of us that isn’t a gun-carrying bad ass?”

It was Edie’s turn to shrug. “Hey, that can be fixed.”


  1. Hey Red, thanks for the snippet from "The Great Twitter Adventure." I can't wait to get to read it. I don't always get to use the Kindle when I would like to do so. I get behind on my reading because of this. I share a Kindle with someone who has better vision than I do so I let her use it the most. Now that I have had a taste of "The Great Twitter Adventure" I may have to snag the Kindle for a few days. LOL!!!!

    Have a great evening with Kathy on the veranda!



    1. Steal that Kindle away! Ha! But seriously Ardee-ann - thanks for being so upbeat and so supportive. I'm going to go try right now to join your blog again.

  2. This is a great little snippet! I'm reminded of Janet Evanovich. I hope this isn't a bad thing! I love her books, the characters, the humor. Keep it up. It's nice to know there are writers out there who actually write (while others, like myself, are playing on Twitter all day)! :)

    1. I love Janet Evanovich! What a compliment! Thanks Sean. Her stuff is all about feeling good and having fun. Quirky characters are her specialty and I love being compared to her. So happy to have you as a new blog member!