Friday, February 3, 2012

Thank you, Miss Mari!

I pictured myself at an award ceremony, not unlike the the Academy Awards, accepting my golden statute when Mari Stroud gave me the Versatile Blogger Award a few weeks ago. I patted myself on the back, read Mari's very funny list of truths about herself and promptly forgot about the whole thing.

I can be a number one ditz that way. But I'm here today to tell you that I did appreciate it and will spill my guts below to prove it. Then I'm going to tell you who I nominate for this very prestigious award.

The Truths as I know them:

1 - One of the jobs I'm proudest of having had is as a cab driver. I had a blast pretending to be Marilu Henner (Elaine on Taxi) and met my future husband there.
2 - Red is not actually my favorite color. My eye is always drawn to green, but I have the misfortune of not looking good in green, unless I'm a redhead, which leads me to truth #3
3 - I'm not really a redhead - not a natural one anyway. I used to be a dirty blonde. Only God knows what color I am naturally today.
4 - I have every intention of coming back as a blue singer next time around. I sing now, in spite of the people, who really do love me, begging me not to.
5 - I raised chickens, pigs and rabbits back in the day - and wore overalls as my standard of dress. I owned three pairs of overalls and one dress.
6 - The inability to wear beautiful, tall sexy shoes is the biggest regret about aging I have. I sometimes put on the spike heels I can't wear anymore and admire them as I sit in my RV for long periods of time.
7 - I believe in pedicures. I'm pretty sure they are as important as any vitamins or minerals, perhaps more so. And yes, I think men should have them, too.

Here are my nominations:

My favorite blogger is Dannie C. Hill - Dannie writes these amazing posts about Thailand. It's like having your own personal National Geographic reporter out there. And the posts are always very personal and meaningful

I love Miss Kelley Lane - Call Me Bookish - She's a terrific blogger who shares her worldview on tweeting and other social media stuff. She's funny and terribly bright.

If you're looking for a good book to read - try Kate's Reads - she's a positive reviewer who gives you a reason to read the books she suggests.

Nicole Pyles - gives everyone an upbeat look at the world with her blog - The World of My Imagination

For a taste of life that is always colored by honor - this is the guy - Bert Carson

I just discovered Emma Calin - a Brit with a great sense of humor! She also very kind.

Jo VonBargen is a prolific poet/blogger. I'm affected by each one I read.

Rob(R.S.)Guthrie - His blog is truly about all things writing - Rob on Writing

So, I want to thank Mari Stroud, once again. She's very kind, very supportive and she has a funny, wonderful blog of her own Make Pretty Words Hard.


  1. Red (can I call you that?), this is some good stuff. Overalls? That is officially my favorite part. Girls in overalls rock. I'm officially going to follow your blog. :)

  2. Of course you can call me Red - I love that! I love that you love overalls. I've actually been thinking of getting some again. So glad to have you as a follower. Thanks, Sean.