Sunday, August 28, 2011

Having an Attitude Has a Bad Name

What’s the saying you used to hear all the time? “She’s got an attitude!” And of course, this meant a BAD attitude. However, there's a whole world of attitude you can have and bad is the last I’d pick. How about you?

The title of the sequel to Red Mojo Mama I’m currently writing is Red is an Attitude. I chose this title before I even published the first in the series, because I knew the second book would have something to say about the “new” attitude Lydia “Red” Talbot gains in the first book. She gets her mojo back and that’s a really good thing.

So the attitude she’s got now is that, at the end of the day, she can handle anything - a pretty good one to have, if you ask me. Back here in day-to-day life I witness approaches to life that boggle the mind. Here are a few – good and bad - see if you recognize any of them:

· Everybody’s Best Friend – whether male or female, this is someone to have around you. They give to everyone of themselves because they know they are human and so is everyone else.

· The Seagull – this person appears harmless until they have your trust then they dump a big one on your head (insert also - deed, idea, plan, family, friends). Remember they appear to have a harmless attitude.

· The Helper/Solver – this human being looks at life like it’s simply a problem that needs to be solved and they are there to help. Usually their attitude is very heartfelt. Sometimes called The Do-gooder.

· Life is a Frightening Experience – These folks approach everything as though there’s a hidden danger in it. They cringe at the computer, warn you incessantly, cannot relax at parties – in fact, ever.

· The Diva – “I’m the reason for everyone else’s existence. They are sooo lucky to have me.” Need I say more?

· The Surfer Dude or Dudette – This is one of my favorite types. You can’t throw them for a loop. They’re just happy to be alive. They are naturals at prioritizing things, because they can remove the garbage attached to any idea.

There are literally thousands of attitudes you can adopt in life. Most people’s are probably an amalgamation of several or they switch attitudes with the weather. At the core of each of us, however, there’s a basic way of looking at things – and that’s an attitude. We’ve all got one. It’s simply a matter of whether ours is a good or bad attitude.

I’ve noticed when I really get bothered by something, what does me the most good in getting over it is an attitude adjustment.


  1. Well, just call me Sufer Dude, LOL. I'd put you in the Everybody's Best Friend. This is a great post, Kathy. I'll be waiting for you new book!

    Some attitudes help one burn away all the... stuff and then you can go back to being you! It does help to change-- for the good.

  2. LOL - I had already tagged you as a Surfer Dude! I agree - I think we wrap ourselves in a particular attitude sometimes to get through something - but then it's back to reality. I'm wondering how much power we have to change our basic attitude - without therapy or major introspection (like maybe living with monks for a year).

  3. 1. I love this post.

    2. I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my most recent post for the rules on how to do your own nominations.

  4. Wait - no eccentric strange puppy? I gotta be on there somewhere.. Must freely admit to making my own attitude on occasion though.