Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's Hear It For the Boys!

It was my sudden burst of flirting and the sound of Michael Buble belting out “There’s Gonna Be a Heartache Tonight,” that started Red and me talking about men. Watch out.

Red: You have been flirting outrageously on Twitter! Don’t deny it.

Kathy: I have, haven’t I? But it’s not my fault. There are some very interesting…people on Twitter.

Red: Yeah. Uh, huh. Anyway.

Kathy: Well, there are. And who are you to talk? You practically drug that poor man into the pool with you!

Red: May I point out that it was you that wrote the scene?

Kathy: Oh.

Red: Yeah. Uh, huh. And it’s always you that puts the music on when you’re writing. You know that brings out the beast in me!

Kathy: Michael Buble?

Red: Of course, especially that Crazy Love CD. But do you leave it at that? No! Then here comes Al Green singing about how tired he is of being alone. Followed by Tony Bennett, the most elegant man in music – you know I melt when his voice comes out of that little box.

Kathy: Well, let’s be honest. You melt a lot. I mean, there’s Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Lou Rawls…

Red: Give me a break. Any woman swoons a little with those three.

Kathy: Okay, then how about Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra and Roy Orbison…

Red: That’s not fair. You swoon, too.

Kathy: Okay, okay. It’s true. We’re just a couple of women who like men. And if they can sing, we’re really goners.

Red: It’s not the worst thing in the world to be.

Kathy: Guess not. As Denise Williams would say, “Let’s hear it for the boy…s!”


  1. Just stopping by to join and test, etc.... Any friend of Will's is a friend of mine :-)

  2. Oops, should say I liked the banter...but married guys don't least not this one :-)

  3. Hahahahahaha, this was priceless. Count me in on the (slightly) flirty women who faint at the sound of a sultry male voice (and frequently use understatements). Maybe it's a red head thing? All I know is this - some days Michael Buble is all a girl needs(um, Mr. B and a really strong coffee should do the trick any day).

    PS - Your blog ROCKS :D

  4. Diana - After 9 months, I'm finally seeing this comment - thank you for getting it! I think redheads do flirt a tad bit easier. Thanks for the compliment, too.