Monday, July 2, 2012

Twitter People Make Us Happy

Hello to all of you out there! It’s Red. I rarely wrestle control of the blog away from Kathy, but she’s busy planning something she’s calling the Indo Authors’ Expo and asked me to take over for her. So here goes.

We’ve had a couple of great sales months (comparatively speaking anyway) so Kathy and I were chatting about it over our beloved Bloody Marys – feet up – while watching our bluebirds – Mr. Blue and Mama Blue fight over the loquats on our little tree.

Kathy pointed out that there’s no way she could have ever imagined that a year after starting on Twitter she’d have two accounts and over 30,000 followers. I made the appropriate noises over those numbers (she insists on amazement from her associates) then quickly named a number of close friends she’d made as well.  She smiled, got a little teary-eyed and then we got to reminiscing about some of them.  Don’t be surprised if you recognize yourself!

There’s the beautiful young blogger who is so funny that we both laugh when we read her blogs (I read over Kathy’s shoulder when she’ll let me).  How about that very kind, generous lady who gives her all the tips? The sensitive and intelligent author/blogger who stretches her mind regularly. And how about the men? There’s the one who looks like Tom Skerrit – you know who you are! Then there are a couple of very sweet Southern men, the crazy but cute ranter guy and last but not least, her friend who pretends to be from another planet.

There are folks she’s ridden through milestones with and others who have relentlessly supported the both of us through retweets and mentions.  

Yes, our Twitter world is rich in many ways. She may have come to it late in life, but I think my creator has found herself a niche!  I can attest to the fact that she practically runs to the laptop to see what’s new on Twitter when she’s been deprived for more than an hour or two. I’d personally like to thank you all for making her so happy.

So, from me to all of you – Gracias! And remember – Go Red!

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