Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love at First Sight?

Love at first sight? Is it real? Well, both Red and I think so. Here’s why:

Kathy: There’s no question in my mind that love at first sight is real. It happened to me. 

Red: Me, too. Mac knocked me off my feet the minute he opened his mouth. 

Kathy: Well…yeah. That’s because the same thing happened to me. 

Red: What do you mean?

Kathy: Come on, Red. You do know that you’re a character, right? I mean, at least half of what happens to you has happened to me.

Red: Are you saying that my immediate attraction – it was way more than that by the way – was written into Red Mojo Mama because you had the same experience?

Kathy: Of course, dear girl.

Red: Really? Tell me about it.

Kathy: Well, Pete (my late husband) and I both worked at Yellow Cab – Pete as a safety director and me as a dispatcher. My first night on the job Pete walked by me, said hello in that deep basso voice and that was all she wrote. I fell right then and there. And I fell hard.

Red: What happened next?

Kathy: I chased him until he caught me! (chuckling) Oh, baby – I had a thing for red even back then. The next day I went out and bought me a white suit that I wore with a red polka dot blouse and very high red heels. That night, I timed my need to walk out of dispatch office just right (we had surveillance cameras even then) and nailed him with a killer smile.

Red: Did it work? I mean the killer smile and all.

Kathy: We got married four months later. (proudly chuckling again) Yeah, I’d say it worked.

Red: Cheers to love – at any sight! Oh, and I suppose that’s why I have a pair of hot red heels too?

I just grinned meaningfully and raised my Bloody Mary to hers for a clink of our glasses. Two redheads with a similar past!


  1. What a sweet story. :-) makes me feel better for turning down the last marriage perposal I got.

  2. Thanks Melissa. Yes, I would say hold out for the right one.

  3. Love at frist sight is real. It happened to me and 36 years later we're still smiling-- most of the time. It's been good. I'm a novelist because of her support ans understanding.

    I must say, Kathy your not-a-robot sign in is the hardest I've seen. You might want to make it a bit easier-- if that' even possible.

    1. I thought I'd already posted a reply - guess my own system is failing me, too! I'm going to try to fix this problem.

      Thanks, Dannie.

      PS - I'm so glad that love at first sight worked out for you too!