Saturday, March 31, 2012

In Defense of Pedicures

I’ve decided to take up a very controversial subject this time - pedicures. Red and I love them and we’ll defend our right to have them to the death.

Red: Hey, wait a minute! None of this ‘until death’ stuff.

Kathy: (outraged) What? You would let some yahoo prevent you from having pedicures?

Red: (exasperated) I really don’t think there’s any danger of that. In fact, I think you’re going to find that this subject isn’t controversial at all.

Kathy: (deflated) Oh…

Red: Yeah, so slow your roll, Chiquita!

Kathy: Damn! I’ve always wanted to gird my loins.

Red: So what makes you so passionate about pedicures anyway?

Kathy: Oh, come on. I don’t have to explain it to the many women, and a few men, out there who’ve experienced one. It’s pure heaven.

Red: I do dig those massaging chairs and the warm water.

Kathy: And the foot and leg rubs. Oh, Lordy. And there’s nothing like pretty feet. Whether you’re having your toes painted or just buffed up like the guy who’s regularly at my salon, your feet look so much better.

Red: That’s true. My favorite color is Rousing Red but you usually get that pinky-purple color. What’s it called.

Kathy: Purple Passion.

Red: Figures – you certainly are the passionate one.

Kathy: Yep, gets me in trouble sometimes.

Red: Don’t I know it! Hey, I’m down to ice cubes here (holding out her empty tumbler)

Kathy: Oh, sorry – let me make you a fresh Bloody Mary, oh royal one.

Red: (laughing) I like that title. I may just have to keep it. Royal Red. Sounds good.

Kathy: One more Bloody Mary, then it’s off to the salon for pedicures.

Red: Oh, goodie. Girl’s Day Out!


  1. :) I just enjoyed a girl's day out with my little one today! We got our pedicures and Starbucks. A bloody mary sure sounds good now. LOL Fun post.

  2. Oh, isn't that the best? My daughter lives in Arizona, but every time we see each other we do a pedicure together!

  3. I just bought my own pedicure set and painted 'em bright orange! Usually I'm a purpley girl, but I went bold this time! I'm afraid if I keep going around admiring my toes, I might walk right into something!

  4. Ah pedicures, how I love them! I knew you and Royal Red had to be the pedicure types. It goes with verandas and Bloodies. It is a lifestyle kind of thing. LOL!!!! I haven't had a pedicure in years and my feet show it. I am too klutzy to manage on my own although I do get some exfoliating done. I miss having coppery orange frost toenails. Sigh! I used to have a pedicure every other week. Those were the days. I hope you enjoyed your pedicure.



  5. I'm getting the season's first pedicure later this week--I can't wait!

    1. I have them all year long - because in Cali I can get away with flip flops and sandals most weekends. (Good excuse, huh?)

  6. I do enjoy a body massage. Here in Thailand they start at $4 an hour. Better than exercise! But nobody is painting my toes!

    1. Oh, Dannie! $4 for a massage? I'd be there everyday. I manage a massage about three times a year. WHEN I get rich I'm going to have them twice a week!

  7. Amen to that! My nails are the one thing that I consistently splurge on. I type so much that the color always starts to come off the the top before two weeks are up, but I don't care! They still look so much better than they would if I did them!

    As for pedicures, or "pedi-cares" as my Gma calls them, they truly are heaven. Gram is 91 and still gets her nails and toenails done regularly. Yep, love those massaging chairs.

    What I wouldn't give to have a Girl's Day Out with you and Red!