Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrating Women

I learn so much from tweets. If I hadn’t been on Twitter this morning, I wouldn’t have known it’s International Women’s Day and I would have missed out on writing a celebratory post.

The first women to come to mind, for me, as great ones are those who took what was conceived to be a man’s world and turned it to their own use, like:

Katharine Hepburn – who bent the old Studio system to her will.

Amelia Earhart – who had the cojones to adventure into the air and push the limits

Oprah Winfrey – the only woman to own her own network, I believe

Then there are the women entertainers who were outrageous, doing it their way and often re-inventing themselves: Lucille Ball, Cher, Madonna, Bette Midler and Cyndi Lauper. There are several younger ones who will inherit these slots and I’m anxiously watching them. I love and value the quality of having no fear to just “be.”

Many truly wonderful women have given themselves to the world, with kindness and grace:

Eleanor Roosevelt – who cared deeply for the under-privileged

Roslyn Carter – a rod of steel behind a gentle exterior

Oprah Winfrey – Another nod here for her incredible degree of philanthropy

Maya Angelou – intelligence with humility personified

I wish I had the intellectual wherewithal to speak of women from other countries with some conviction. Unfortunately, I know they are out there by the millions, but I haven’t followed any closely enough to comment.

The women who deserve the highest of honors though will go unmentioned today, for the most part, as they are the everyday women; who struggle to provide as single mothers, who reach for the cancer cure somewhere in a lab, who bring our meal to a diner table, who stretch their budgets to include giving to charities, who stop to help a stranger, who cuddle their children when they need it even though there are a million things to be done, who build a family out of nothing but sheer love, who struggle to overcome biases and still have an open heart and give constantly of themselves without tangible reward. They are everywhere; in every part of the world. Aren’t we lucky to be among them?

These things and so much more make me proud to be a woman.


  1. You mentioned some A+ women. i really like that you mentioned the unsung ones. The everyday women! Enjoyed your post. You did great, especially putting this together so quickly:)
    laura thomas

  2. Thank you, Laura - I only wish I knew more about outstanding women from other countries. This has spurred me to make a project out of it. Next year, I'll be able to point a few truly international women. :-)

  3. Kathy, great post. I loved reading it. I know that Heifer Project International has done a celebration of 10 international women for International Women's Day. That might be a place to start with information about international women. Never forget that there are international women right here in the USA who are working to make a difference in their own countries so there will be news stories based here about female activists from other countries. I often read the stories but don't always remember the names. My mind is slipping.

    Thank you again for your post.



  4. Women. You got to love them! There's no punch line coming. Everyday should celebrate a woman of note!

  5. Wonderful post Kathy! Love that woman power. :)

  6. Please don't take this in the inappropriate way in which it is about to sound, but I LOVE strong women! I do. Mind you, being a gay man might have something to do with it (great, I probably just added to the stereotype), but women who hold the courage of their convictions top my list every single day. All the ladies you mentioned are just a few examples. Cheers to all of them! :)