Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Hour & The Big Lebowski

Last night, I went to happy hour with some of my pals from work. It was a farewell happy hour actually, as my last day was Wednesday. Combine this fact with my recent viewing of the Coen brother’s film, The Big Lebowski, and there was fodder for a discussion between Red and I.

Red: How many Bloody Marys did you have last night? (I was suffering from a bit of a hangover)

Kathy: Just one.

Red: Impossible. No one feels this bad after one Bloody Mary.

Kathy: (trying to avoid Red’s eye) Well…

Red: Come on! You can tell me. After all, whom am I going to tell?

Kathy: (shrugging) Well, the one Bloody Mary gave me the idea to salute The Dude! (Jeff Bridges’ character in the movie drinks White Russians)

Red: Seriously? You mixed drinks? Haven’t you learned anything from your _ _ _ ty years on this planet?

Kathy: I only drank two White Russians. Three drinks total.

Red: Two White Russians?! You’re the lightweight drinker here. I can’t believe it. I shouldn’t have let you go by yourself.

Kathy: I hate to point this out, but even though my co-workers know I wrote a book called Red Mojo Mama, most don’t know I talk to you! They might have suspected I had too much to drink if you had come along.

Red: Excuse me. You DID have too much to drink!

Kathy: I just had a little headache this morning.

Red: You’ve taken three naps and it’s now 1 p.m.

Kathy: Geez, you’re harsh.

Red: And besides, I can understand having a little more than normal on a special occasion but switching to White Russians? Bloody Marys are our drink. It’s like you were cheating on me!

Kathy: Yeah, but it was with Jeff Bridges.

Red: (Thoughtful for a minute) Okay, you’re forgiven. I did watch the movie with you, you know. Wasn’t he just the coolest guy? Loved the hair.

Kathy: See? I had to do tribute to The Dude.

Red: I understand. I really do.

Red handed me a medicinal Bloody Mary. Within minutes, I felt much more like myself. I think I will survive the remainder of the Saturday after happy hour.


  1. literally stumbled into your blog from a random twitter follow.

    You were a follow "suggestion" on Twitter. I wasn't going to but then I clicked on your link...your writing has lured me in....glad to meet you!

    1. So glad you decided to stop by! And that you enjoyed the little chats Red and I have. Nice to meet you too!

  2. Kathy, did you really follow a Bloody Mary with two White Russians. Please tell me you were just joshing with Red and that it was fiction. I cannot imagine combining the two. I almost fell over when I read that. Shudder!!!

    I wish you all the best with the extra writing time.



  3. I did. I really did. And I commented at the time that this wasn't a good idea. Luckily, all I got was a hangover.

    I am truly a lightweight - usually one drink and not very often. But I was carried away by the moment. And the sheer joy of being through with that job.

    I'm working on the sequel like crazy!

    Hugs back at you Ardee-ann