Friday, January 27, 2012

You Can't Win for Losing

Reviews can sometimes be a little difficult to deal with, especially if you’re the object of them. Red took a couple pretty personally recently. Here’s how it went down:

Red: So what’s new on the review front? Do the people still love me?

Kathy: (hesitating before answering) Well, yeah – we’ve had a couple really enthusiastic ones…

Red: And? What are you trying not to tell me?

Kathy: Well, remember when a friend of mine said that you were having way too much sex and it was too erotic?

Red: Yeah! But I thought we got over that one…

Kathy: We did. But last week we got a review that said all that sex you were having was “odd” and not erotic at all.

Red: Well! Let me tell you, she (was it a she?) (I nodded yes) wasn’t there! It was hot. I can vouch for that. And again, Joe and I were not going crazy or anything. Geez. Is that all?

Kathy: Well, no…

Red: What else?

Kathy: This week a guy said you were too strong and not complicated enough. He didn’t seem to understand that you were in a chick lit novel.

Red: Too strong? What’s that about? Men!

Kathy: Well, what are you going do?

Red: (starts laughing) (keeps laughing - she’s almost hysterical now) OMG – I think I’m about to fall down! (She does – she falls over on the Veranda and is literally rolling on her a$$ laughing)

Kathy: I’ve never actually seen anyone do that – ROFLMAO (I started laughing, too)

We came up for breath after a couple of minutes and sat there trying to contain ourselves. I turned to Red and asked –

Kathy: Do we know why we were laughing?

Red: (still chuckling a little) I do…it’s because…you can’t win for losing.

And she was off on another giggle fest. I joined her. Then we made ourselves a couple of Bloody Marys and chatted for the rest of the evening, occasionally stopping to giggle, yet again.


  1. Love this! You are so right, you can't win for losing. Laugh it off and keep doing what you're doing.

  2. Thanks Kel - Yep! It's interesting gathering the opposing viewpoints. Luckily Red's not as sensitive as me. :-)

  3. Even the best books get “not-so-hot” reviews. Sometimes it reflects more on reader than the writer. Take a look at this:

  4. LOL - I read this - this needs to be sent out over and over again. Thanks so much Debra! Hope you don't mind but I'm going to tweet it!

  5. Oh Kathy, you and Red make me laugh so much. You are right, you can't win for losing sometimes and some reviewers wouldn't be happy if they were hung with a new rope. I am glad you can laugh at the peccadillos of those who cross your path and remember the important things in life, to enjoy the sunshine, toss back a few Bloody Marys and to laugh at the world.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there so that most of us can enjoy you.



    1. Ardee - you are a love. I'm glad Red and I can make you chuckle occasionally! I get all bunged up sometimes and I'm telling you, Red and my imaginary Bloody Marys save the day every time.

  6. Darling. I've read your book and loved everything about it! Red is hot and sassy and thank goodness doesn't mind showing it.

    Reviews-- good or bad-- means people are reading your book. That's a great thing.

    Believe me I know about critics. I've wallowed for over four months in a bit of a pity party. The source came from one (1) 'beta' reader who read 3 pages and asked me if I really intended to publish this thing. I've had plenty of good words said to me about the new book, but this one person overrode all the good things. I've finally gotten angry and said, "The hell with it." I'm publishing my new Epic Fantasy and let the readers decide.

    You keep doing what you're doing, Kathy! I've also read your "The Great Twitter Adventure" and really enjoyed your style and story! You go, darling.

    1. Dannie C. Hill - I love you! This is so good to read - first for the support - and then for your own story. Readers don't realize sometimes how easy it is to knock us writers on our tushies. But it's the life we've chosen and we've got to find a way to deal with it. I'm keeping Red around for a good long while and the vodka handy, too. Thanks my friend.

  7. Great post Kathy. A couple things, First of all, there are way more good opinions of your work than bad. Way more. And second, you write with flair and a strong voice, therefore people who like your books will likely enjoy them more deeply, but always remember, the more your work gets out into the world, the more you will notice the impossibility that "strong voices with flair" will please everyone. That can't happen. If you doubt it, look up your favorite book on Amazon, something famous that many, many people have read, and marvel at the negative reviews. It's simply an unavoidable reality of exposure (which is terrific) on the internet.

    My favorite book is Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. I just looked - It has 51 1-star reviews on Amazon. 51 people not only hate my favorite novel of all time, but feel no sense of embarrassment at all in publicly voicing an opinion which frankly can only make them look foolish (welcome to the internet!).

    I got a negative review over Christmas, and truthfully, it bothered me a lot for about a week. Once I got over it, though, I realized that it's a good sign. It means lots of people are reading my book!

    Don't sweat it, Kathy. You're a terrific writer. And that means, undoubtedly, that your writing can't be for everybody. Just ask John Steinbeck.

  8. Stephen - Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. I love the Steinbeck stuff - so true.

    I think I remember the Christmas time review that threw you and it was truly way off. So, it's heartening that this happens to everyone, even Steinbeck!

    I think Red and I have developed a wonderful way to shake it off! Laughter and Bloody Marys. Very effective!