Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping It Real With an Old Friend

Okay, so I wrote and published a new book that doesn’t have Red in it. I love all my new characters and I’ve probably been talking about this wonderful writing experience a little too much because I’m sensing a streak of jealous in the green-eyed redhead. See what you think.

Kathy: So, then Franks says…

Red: Now which one’s Frank? Is he the one you have a crush on?

Kathy: What? I don’t have a crush on any of them.

Red: Oh, really? Well, what’s her name – Maggie, right? – she does. No, it’s on that Tex guy. Anyway, we all know that you put a lot of yourself into these books. So, if Maggie’s got a crush on Tex, it’s the same thing as you having a crush on Tex.

Kathy: Whoa there, Nelly! It’s not the same thing…Anyway; I can see you don’t really want to talk about the new book.

Red: Seeing as how you stopped writing my sequel to write this book…

Kathy: Okay, okay…

Red: It’s just that old friends are the best friends. Isn’t that right?

Kathy: (shaking my head vigorously) No, I don’t think that’s true, necessarily. Sometimes people come along who are new in your life and it’s a wondrous thing and sometimes your old friends float away into new lives of their own. That’s just how it is.

Red: Yeah, well…

Kathy: I’m not talking about you, Red. You were my first experience in first person. You taught what it was like to lose myself in a character so completely – to laugh and have fun with writing. I will always consider you my best “character” friend.

Red: (finally smiling) Really?

Kathy: Yep, really.

Putting my arm around my imaginary friend, we both gazed out at the duck pond just beyond the veranda.

Kathy: Want some more hot chocolate?

Red: Sure. That would be great. Hey, Kathy?

Kathy: Yeah?

Red: That’s so great…that you feel that way…because I do, too. I would have really missed these times by ourselves. But maybe you can invite Frank, Maggie, Edie, Dwayne and Ted over to the Veranda sometime.

Kathy: (smiling to myself because Red really is a generous soul) That sounds like a plan!


  1. Awesome! That's great that you wrote another book and made some new imaginary friends. Keep going. You never have enough imaginary friends. :)

  2. LOL! Thanks Debra - I've definitely expanded my circle of imaginary friends.