Saturday, November 12, 2011

Being a Man-less Woman

Red and I were discussing how odd it is that in today’s liberated world so many women find it tough to be without a man. Now, bear in mind, Red has her Joe and I have been unattached for a couple of years now. So, it might heat up a little out on the veranda.

Red: I just don’t see why you don’t even try anymore!

Kathy: Try what? To catch me a man? Then what am I going to do with him.

Red: Well! If I have to teach you that…

Kathy: (laughing loudly) That’s not what I mean and you know it. I’m too busy to have a man. I work full time and write every spare minute. I hardly have time for myself, let alone a guy.

Red: I just don’t think it’s good for your health! You know I wasn’t much interested in men after Mac died either, but I met Joe and everything changed.

Kathy: I know, I know. And it’s not that I’m a widow and can’t move on. You know I’ve dated in the past. It’s more about having priorities right now – but then again; I’ve never met a Joe, like you have.

Red: He is pretty special(she answers dreamily). But still!

Kathy: (chuckling now) Don’t you think my family and friends have tried to get me interested in dating again? I’ve heard this from too many people. Seriously, I don’t have time for a man.

Red: What if one comes along who’s just right?

Kathy: (Smiling widely) I’d probably find the time. But honestly, I'm not counting on that. In the meantime, I’m perfectly happy by myself.

Red: What about the movies? Don’t you want someone to go to a movie with?

Kathy: Well, first of all, I’ve got you and I don’t have to buy a ticket or popcorn for you.

Red: That doesn’t count and you know it.

Kathy: Secondly, I actually like going to a movie by myself and I like going to restaurants by myself. I love people – you know that – but I’m fine by myself. Now stop this.

Red: Okay, you’re the boss. I guess if I piss you off too much, I’ll end up with people trying to kill me again?

Kathy: Oh, that’s already happening. The question is whether you get away safely. Don’t mess with me! (serious face for 10 seconds, followed by a big smile)

Red: Okay, okay – I’ll take your word for it – you are fine as a man-less woman.

Kathy: Finally! Now, let’s get back to the bloody marys and this amazing view.

Red: Here’s to being with a man if that’s what you want and without one if that’s what you want. (lifting her glass)

Kathy: Cheers!

We fade out to the sounds of laughter and clinking glasses.

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  1. There are lots of benefits to being a "man-less woman" and if you get lonely you have friends or can get an animal companion. I don't have to worry about whether "so and so" minds me spending my time writing or goofing off. I can watch television when I want and what I want. I don't have to argue with someone about which team I cheer for and don't have to cheer for one if I don't want to do so. It is a simple life without distractions except for the critters. They are demanding enough as it is. Hugs to you Kathy, Ardee-ann