Saturday, November 19, 2011

Twitter’s Just Not That Complicated

Okay, I think most people will agree, Red and I are both generally positive people. But there comes a time for complaints.

Kathy: So, in the last two days I’ve had two people who wanted to know why I followed them and one of them wanted to know if she’s on a follow-list for writers.

Red: Um…isn’t the whole point of Twitter to follow and be followed?

Kathy: Yeah! So, it’s not just me, right? It is insane to sign up for Twitter and then get insulted when people follow you. Right?

Red: No, it’s not just you. You got it right. Hey, so what about that twitter validation service? What’s that all about?

Kathy: Again, I DO NOT understand. What are you being protected against in someone following you. Or even if you end up following a robot unintentionally. You can’t figure out by the tweets that they aren’t a real person? Of course you can.Then you just UNFOLLOW them.

Red: I can tell by the capital letters that you are really irritated. Can you keep it down a bit?

Kathy: Oh…sorry. But really, a couple of months ago I had a couple of real doozies that I had followed. One frat boy who didn’t like me tweeting about my blog and books. I told him to unfollow me, but he spent the next three tweets telling me how rude and inconsiderate I was. My response to each one was – “Unfollow me, please.” He didn't. Then, of course, I was forced to unfollow and block him.

Red: What about the second one? Wasn’t he just rude?

Kathy: Yes, he was - extremely. I had a blog post about list makers and he felt it necessary to tell me that list makers are as sexy as a rusty fireplug - ad nausem. Really? Seriously? This is what you spend your time doing? Finding people to harass on Twitter?

Red: What did you do?

Kathy: I told him politely (although I really wasn't feeling the polite thing) that he needed to do something about his problem and then unfollowed and blocked him.

Red: Why do you think some people are so resistant to unfollowing people?

Kathy: I have no earthly idea. To me, one of the best things about Twitter is being able to build a stream of people who make my day better in some way. Hopefully, the people that follow me get something back, too.

Red: (laughing) Maybe it’s that service that posts tweets about who unfollowed who?

Kathy: (now laughing as well) Maybe! Who knows. Isn’t that just the most ridiculous thing of all?

Red: It’s pretty weird. Here have another Bloody Mary (handing me a glass filled with the yummy red liquid heaven and a stalk of celery).

Kathy: (taking a sip) Ummm.

Red: Feel better?

Kathy: (closing my eyes) Much! Thank you.


  1. Fun post. I love being on Twitter. I am Miss_Dazey there.

  2. Great post! I have a few twitter friends who aren't writers, cover artists, etc., so I leave them out of #ff mentions and the like--they're on Twitter as a way of communicating amongst friends and don't want larger feeds. I'm completely baffled my professional figures being upset about being followed, however. Recognition is good! It's what you want!

  3. Kathy, personally I think some people do not have lives and therefore are on the internet to see how tacky they can be and we all know there is nothing worse than being tacky. I wouldn't even bother addressing the critics I'd just unfollow and block them to be done with their nonsense. It is just ridiculous. People use the internet and sites like it to be hateful because they can do it "anonymously" and get away with it well a pox on that and all that jazz. Sorry you had to deal with unsavory sorts. I hope they just leave you in peace to tweet as you desire.


    Ardee-ann the most boring Tweeter in town!

  4. Wow. Luckily, I have not experience people like that. But seriously, if you don't like what one person is posting...unfollow. It's not that hard. Lol.

    I will never unfollow you. :)

  5. Yeah, if I don't like something I just unfollow. I don't think I've ever questioned why someone followed me. If it's a bot, I just don't follow them back and if they harass me, I block. Not that hard. :\

  6. Hey, guys - thanks for piping up. I seem to be on a roll with these folks. Another today said he was glad to be followed if my bio was legit. I need to learn to let it roll off my back. Red's solution is just to unfollow and "forget about it!" (Jersey accent included) :-)

  7. Why don't I ever get harassed on Twitter? I don't block people-- keep thinking maybe one of them will buy a book, lol. There are a number that I don't return the follow-- most that only want to sell stuff.

    I'm really glad I met you and Red. You're one (or is it two) of the people who always encourage and support and make my day.

    It's also a big kick for an old guy like me to be able to chat with beautiful, intelligent and talented women all over the world. Great guys too.

    I don't ban anyone--yet-- from following me. If they're really rude I tell them to read a book-- my book, LOL

    Great post, Kathy!

  8. The answer to your opening question is - because you are the nicest guy in the world. Pretty sure. :-)

    I didn't think blocking meant they couldn't follow me - I thought it just meant they couldn't contact me. Hmmm....

    Anyway - as always, appreciate your comment. Hugs.

  9. Blocking does prevent them from following you, but people like that, you're not really out anything. Sounds like the strange ones really like you =)