Monday, November 16, 2015

A New Veranda

Our new veranda.
So Red and I are sitting by the pool, in Siem Reap, Cambodia, waiting for our swimsuits to drip dry a bit…

Red: Shall I get us another Anchor beer?

Kathy: No, I’m good for now.

Red: I’m getting a couple for the frig for our veranda time tonight.

I just nod as she makes her way to the poolside bar and puts a couple of cold ones on our tab. She’s having such a good time, but trying to keep up with that girl! Oh, Lord, I may just have to allot myself a recovery nap while she explores Pub Street again! She returns, her alcoholic booty in hand.
Relaxation time!

Red: Ready? 

Kathy: Sure. What are you going to do while I take a nap.

Red: See that cute guy over there?

Kathy: (spotting the tall, dark and handsome she’s locked in on) Yep. He’s a looker alright.

Red: He invited me to play a game of pool.

I chuckle, knowing full-well she was trying to get rid of me so she could get acquainted with her latest interest.
The scene of the crime, oops, I mean pool game.

Kathy: Would you like me to take the beer up with me?

Red smiles sheepishly. At least she’s capable of feeling sheepish. I love my outrageous, audacious character/friend.

Red: If you don’t mind?

This time I give her a full-bodied laugh. 

Kathy: Nope. You have fun. I’ll see you in a couple of hours?

Red: Veranda time, right?

Red and I have traditionally had our best conversations on verandas (real or imagined) all over the world. It's nice to have a real one in a foreign country!

Kathy: Yes, I’ll be ready for some veranda time before we head out or dinner.

Red: See you then?

I lean in for the next bit.

Kathy: (whispering) Don’t you dare let him win!

She just grins knowing I know all her tricks. Hell, I invented them for her. I leave my protagonist behind to gather some rich material for the next book – See Red Run – a work-in-progress.
We've come a long way baby!


  1. Ohhh, I have I missed you and Red. Glad you are having a good time.