Monday, June 3, 2013

Sending Yourself Out Into the World

I mailed a letter to President Obama today, with an idea I have for an economic stimulus that I can’t see anyone objecting to, as it benefits all constituencies. But hey, who knows what will happen. The truth is that getting it out there into the Universe, rather than buried inside my head, is the important thing. It’s not something I could birth myself, so I had to find an avenue to perhaps get it to someone who could. 

Tomorrow, I’m sending three movies idea to Creative Artists. They are terrific ideas, but not screenplays I can afford to dump a bunch of time and energy into. No, they have a better chance of becoming something real by just giving them away. Perhaps, someone at CAA will get jazzed. Who knows?

Years ago, a friend who had been widowed for about a year was ready to start dating again. She spent a couple of months talking about it. Internet dating was just getting to be a thing. One night, as we sat drinking wine, I said to her, “You know that no one is going to walk up to your door, knock and ask you for a date, don’t you?”  She looked at me a long time and finally said, “I guess you’re right.” 

Over the next few weeks, she put her profile online and met a few guys. One was nice enough to date for a few months. I lost track of her, so I don’t know what eventually happened in her life, but I do know she wasn’t sitting around, lonely, anymore.

Writing a book, trying for a new job, making friends, taking a chance on love, having an idea and sharing it, they all require the same thing – extending yourself. If you’re attempting to write – just do it and then don’t keep it to yourself, share it. If you think you want a new job, send out those resumes, make those calls because no one is likely to knock on your door and ask if you’d like to work for them. Whether you’re looking for someone to spend time with or fall in love with, you may have to make the first move. Do it. Drop your defenses for a few moments. Let them know you are interested. 

How many times have you had a great idea and done nothing with it, only to find that a few months or years later, someone ran with that ball and made a touchdown? Next time do something about it. 

I know this is easier said than done. Believe me. Grass has been growing under my feet for longer than I’d like to admit. But this week, that all changes; I’m returning to the old Kathy. The one who does things.

Do things, my friends, whatever it takes. Live your life, stretch your muscles, be that person you want to be and do those things that make you happy. Do it. 

Oh, yeah - Love ya!


  1. Good luck with "getting out there" and putting yourself forward. It isn't easy to take that first step. Complacency is easier but it sure never gets us anywhere does it. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight!



  2. You know, I think I'm mostly relieved at the idea that if I just share my ideas they no longer have to rattled around up there! Composing my letter to CAA right now! I'll let you know if any of this stuff comes back around.

    Hugs back at 'ya!


  3. It takes courage, though, doesn't it? To take the risk of being judged.

    1. It really does! Absolutely, but we are judged all the time anyway. Why not for something we really, really want?

      Thanks for stopping by, Scott!