Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My IndieGoGo "Dream" Campaign

I have been following my writing dream full-steam-ahead for the past year and recently decided I needed to expand my creativity – both for my artistic being and my need to pursue something that I felt would benefit the world, too.  I started an Etsy shop and began making items aimed at preserving dreams. 
It’s an all-out battle sometimes against those who would steal our dreams through negativity and life circumstances. Dreamers need all the help they can get.  My most closely held dream for this project is to be able to begin offering Twins – a set of two dolls, where the purchasers gets one and an under-privileged child gets the other. I’m already contacting agencies about these dolls. 
My needs are not that great. I need a new inkjet printer, a better camera, materials for the dolls (some for experimenting on the next best product), professional looking labels and packaging for the dream products I make. So, I’m launching an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign today. If you do nothing else, please watch my video – I’m exceedingly proud of it.
The perks I’m offering range from eBooks from my writing career – Red Mojo Mama, Red is an Attitude, The Great Twitter Adventure, etc. – to dream pillows, kindle covers and best of all – the dolls. If I’m not able to reach my entire goal, whatever I do receive will go first towards making some of the Twin Dolls and then towards a printer and labels. 
Your contribution will help me personally, but more importantly; this isn’t just a fly-by-night endeavor. I’m hoping to extend this dream awareness and preservation beyond this simple project and on to other avenues. I plan to devote a part of my life to helping others seeing their dreams come true. I’m not sure what forms this will take at present because I’m “sleeping” on it.
If you can’t contribute, I completely understand. If you’d still like to help, please tweet or email those you think might like to make a contribution. I thank you for taking the time to read this and watch the video.

Dream on!


  1. Best of luck, Kathy!I'll help keep your dream alive.

  2. Dannie - no matter what, I always know you'll be there!