Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Very Fond Farewell

Chris & me - one last hug!

For nearly two years, I’ve been a Roseville Toyota shuttle driver. It has been a joyous job for me! I managed to take a few pictures on my last day, but rest assured these folks are just a few of the wonderful people who work at the dealership.
Alex & Mike - Rentals!
My buddy Angela!

I feel like I’ve left a family behind. 

I told them to lean in - and they did! Ramsey, Wes, Zab and Jerry, the "Tony Bennett" of our service drive.
They have been so kind to me and fun to work with. I send a special thank you to Chris Martinez for always, always being there when I needed a little help and Paul Koontz for words he spoke on my behalf. Let me not forget the coolest man on the lot, Mr. Jerry Bendi, who I like to call the “Tony Bennett” of the drive – a class act!

Caitlin & Cory - Big Smiles
Service with a smile - Jim & Tony.
There are many, many customers I will miss as well; wonderful to have had the pleasure to meet. I calculated that during my time at Roseville Toyota, I’ve carried approximately 7,500 people, so there are way too many to mention here. But I will truly miss the interactions with them. 

Sending me off with good wishes - Cole and Dom
If you’re one of my buddies and I didn’t manage to snag a picture of you for this post, you know who you are and that I’ll miss you too.

Bye all and have a great life. 

Your bud, Kathy (Red Mojo Mama)

Paul Hernandez - quiet and cool!
Tall Paul - big guy, big heart.
Big Jimmy!

Cashiers with Class! Jen, Cheri, Hannah and my Sam.

3 peeps! Tony, Reyna and Adam.


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  2. I'm not sure why this comment went away but it was very kind, thank you.

  3. The author isn't sure either - probably user error. But here it is again...
    What a lovely farewell tribute! The folks at Toyota were lucky to have had you these past two years.

  4. Saying goodbye is always hard but it looks like you have had nice people in your circle! :)