Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just a Couple of Peasant Girls

It was a typical weekend evening on Sunday when Red and I began to discuss our taste in food and drink, as we sipped our Bloody Marys.  We’d been talking about chili, when we discovered…

Red: Oh, yeah. I love a big bowl of chili with some cheese and onions. 

Kathy: We both like chili, pasta, goulash, stew…

Red: You’re right. What’s that all about?

Kathy: Basically, we like peasant food. It’s not just about comfort food, it’s about a big pot of something, with the flavors all blended together. 

Red: You’re right again. And if it’s cheap to make, it’s even better! (she said with a big laugh)

Kathy: (chuckling, too) Yep, cheap is good as long as the quality is there. 

Red: You must have come from a long line of peasants! (mocking grin on her face)

I simply nodded my head and took another sip, thinking even my taste in alcoholic beverages was very basic. 

Kathy: I think that extends to wines and things as well. Frankly, I have no palette for fine wines. Absolutely none. 

Red: Me, too. A great wine is wasted on me. I can’t taste the subtle differences. If it tastes good, that’s enough for me. 

Kathy: Right! When you think about it, a Bloody Mary is really just a good old stew of a drink. I mean, there’s tomato juice and spices, a stick of celery, a couple of big olives if you’re lucky…

Red: Yep, and we do love our Bloody Marys, don’t we?

Kathy: We certainly do. 

We clinked glasses at that point and Red said it before I could.

Red: I guess we’re just a couple of peasant girls, aren’t we?

I nodded and smiled contentedly at her.

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