Monday, March 25, 2013

Yee Haw! Red’s Back in Town

You may not be aware, but Lydia (Red) Talbot has been off on an Inter-Consciousness-Brilliance quest, searching for the energy fields of Albert Einstein and Mark Twain for some months.  She took off in September 2012 and was due to return sometime in August, but she got caught on the outer ring of Nebulous Consciousness after a brief encounter with the two, unfortunately. But she’s back and I’m brewing up a pitcher of Bloody Marys in celebration. 

Kathy: Hey, Red! It’s so good to have you back! It’s been a bit lonely on the Veranda without you!

Red: I missed you, too, and I have to say – I really missed the Marys. Did you know there’s no alcohol in the levels of alternate consciousness? Not exactly party-city. 

Kathy: I guess I hadn’t thought of that. So, no contact with the guys?

Red: Well, I did get a glimpse of the two of them on a veranda of their own, in white wicker chairs, both smoking pipes and sipping something tall and cool. But it was probably sweet tea. 

Kathy: Sweet tea?

Red: Yeah. It looked like they were on a porch in the South. 

Kathy: Ah! But no actual contact? Did they speak?

Red: speech.  Mr. Twain winked at me and then they both disappeared. 

Kathy: No kidding?! He winked? Too bad you didn’t get to speak to either of them. What would you have asked?

Red: What was in the glasses?

Kathy: (laughing loudly) Really? Your big question to two of the most brilliant men of all time would have been, “What’s in the glasses, boys?”

Red: Yep. Don’t you want to know what brilliant men sip on?

Kathy: Oh, Red! It’s good to have you back!

I handed her a tumbler full of what the two most smart-aleck women of all time drink – Bloody Marys – and we settled back in our own white wicker chairs and gazed happily over the imaginary duck pond on my imaginary country estate. Life’s good.


  1. Nice to see you and Red back on the veranda drinking Bloodies! Too bad Red didn't get to find out what Twain and Einstein were sipping on, it would be a fun thing to know.



    1. I'm guessing they snuck something into their sweetened tea!