Monday, October 22, 2012

Swinging Bobby Darin

I have just finished watching a DVD about Bobby Darin for the second time in two days. Boy that man could sing - and dance, by the way.  Why did I watch it twice in 24 hours? Because it made me happy. So happy I felt like singing and dancing. Red got into the act and we sang Beyond the Sea together on the Veranda with the neighbors staring – just at me, of course, because she’s actually my invisible friend/main character – but we didn’t care. Here’s what went down afterwards:

Kathy: Wow, I feel so good after that!

Red: That’s a great song and watching Bobby dance must have turned something loose in you, girlfriend. You were really swinging. I didn’t know you had moves like that.

Kathy:  What can I say? That music moves me in ways I can’t describe. What about Mack the Knife? You weren’t exactly sitting still on that one.

Red: (turning a shade to match her name) Yeah, well, that beat just gets to me. Did you see Bobby’s smile on the DVD when the audience caught on that he was going to sing Mack the Knife?

Kathy: Yes! I thought it was so sweet. He was actually surprised at their enthusiasm. A little boy grin, if I ever saw one.

Red: Damn that man was a fireball.

Kathy: And brave, too. He overheard a doctor tell his mom that he wouldn’t live to 21, then went out and lived every minute of his life like he had to do everything in double time. I guess he did.

Red: Well, he made it to 37 and packed a hell of a lot into that time. He played 5 instruments, wrote songs, sang in multiple genres and all with gusto and joy. I found myself feeling very proud of him.

Kathy: I know. Me, too.  Inspired, actually. Made me want to make sure I make the most out of whatever time I’ve got left.

Red:  Yep, now how about we sing Splish Splash before I mix us up a couple of Bloody Marys?

Kathy: Do you think the neighbors can take it?

Red: Not our problem! I suggest they join us.

Kathy & Red: Here’s to you, Bobby! (and we sang it like Bobby would have – with feeling)


  1. Lol. I can soooooo totally see the two of you on the veranda!

    :-) glad you enjoyed the video and plan on enjoying your life!

    1. Oh, boy, did we have a good time. We can do Beyond the Sea, too. (with the assistance of a Bloody Mary or two)

  2. Kathy, Bobby Darin is the MAN isn't he!!! So glad you enjoyed the video and rocked out to it. Reading your blog post made me smile big time. Hope you are having a great week.



    1. Oh, I was so blown away by the video. I've seen a couple of his movies and listened to him for years but I had no idea what a GREAT showman he was and fabulous dancer.

  3. Bobby was full of life and so talented!

    1. I have a new Bobby Darin CD coming to write to during the NaNoWriMo. Going to steal a bit of his energy!