Sunday, December 11, 2011

What to do When The Spirit Grabs You

I love Christmas time! Right around the second week in December you can feel a change come over everyone – co-workers, customers and clerks in stores, wait staff, the guy pumping gas next to you – everyone. Red and I started really feeling it ourselves this week.

Red: That woman actually insisted that you go first! And you had just as many items as she did.

Kathy: I know. It’s the coolest thing. People are just so kind this time of year. Did you know the waitress patted my arm yesterday when she said “Happy Holidays?”

Red: (smiling widely) I did. Course, she wouldn’t have done that if she’d known you were having lunch with your imaginary friend – me!

Kathy: (laughing) Maybe not – but still… I feel like hugging the whole world.

Red: They’ll arrest you if you try, you know. (I nodded sadly) But there’s stuff you can do to feel the spirit of Christmas way down deep without endangering your freedom. Like how about getting a bunch of $1 bills and going in search of Salvation Army bell ringers?

Kathy: Hey! That’s a fun idea. I’ve actually only seen one this year. Mini-road-trip. Are you up for it?

Red: Tell you what, why don’t you save that one for when Vanessa (my daughter) visits next week. She’ll love it.

Kathy: Yeah, she will. Okay, so what can we do together?

Red: I liked your mall-sitting idea with a cup of hot chocolate and a good seat near where Santa’s taking wishes. You can wish everyone you see a Merry Christmas and it won’t even seem weird.

Kathy: Let’s do that today, okay? And I’ve had another idea floating around in my head. I want to buy a bunch of socks, wrap them up and give them out when I see people sleeping on benches around town. These folks are everywhere.

Red: That’s a great idea! If you end up with extras we can take them to the homeless shelter on Christmas.

Kathy: (tears threatening) That’s the spirit, Red. In the meantime, I’m writing a poem this year for my family as an extra Christmas gift, so they know how special they are to me.

Red: I guess there’s only one thing to do when the Christmas spirit fills you up…

Kathy: What’s that?

Red: Dump it on everybody else!

We laughed together and raised our glasses of eggnog in a toast to the best in people. Happy Holidays everyone – from your two redheaded friends on the Veranda.


  1. Wonderful ways to spread holiday cheer! I love the creative way you have shared it through your post.

  2. Lovely! Aside from a couple of folks who get waaaay too hopped up on adrenaline and eggnog on Black Friday, I've noticed that most people do become much sweeter and more forgiving around the holiday season.

    (I've already implemented the "withdraw lots of singles" plan, as I always do when December hits for my groceries and errands runs. Makes the bank clerk look at me a bit funny, tbh. I think she pictures me haunting Santa-themed strip clubs. :D)

  3. Love your ideas for sharing during the holidays! My husband is a 'pass out the dollars' kind of guy, he will love the sock idea--and here's an eggnog toast to you, my friend. Happy Holidays!

  4. Kathy, you made me cry. I am such a sap around the holidays. Don't even show me a Hallmark commercial. Loved your ideas about sharing the holidays and letting the joy fill you to the bone.

    Hugs to you and Red,


  5. Ardee - you are one of my favorite people!! I think we are so close in temperament - at least I know we're both saps! Isn't it great?

  6. Great post, Kathy. You make me miss Christmas in the States. Giving to those who need something is always the best idea! And hugs help too.

  7. So, since I wrote this my daughter came to town and we went in search of bell-ringers and pots to put our money in. So far, we only found three but we're still on the lookout except she's doing it in her state - Arizona - and I'm doing it here. Also, we bought some socks and a whole bunch of other stuff and put together four gift bags which I'm going to go out and deliver on Christmas morning. There will be no problem finding 4 souls who need a little something here on Christmas. I can hardly wait.